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Thread: Sci-fi story based on S&H model

Post#1 at 12-10-2011 06:04 PM by Wiz83 [at Albuquerque, New Mexico joined Feb 2005 #posts 663]
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Sci-fi story based on S&H model

Ever since I first became aware of S&H theory I have always thought it would be interesting to use their saecular cycle as the basis for a science fiction novel set in the future. I have imagined a future saeculem set in interstellar space which culminates in a 4T war between colonized planets. The novel would be set in the 26th century and contain the following generational archetypes:

Vision Seekers (Prophet, b. 2501 - 2523)
Renegades (Nomad, b. 2524 - 2541)
Galactics (Hero, b. 2542 - 2562)
Administrators (Artist, b. 2563 - 2583)

As well as the following turnings:

The Foundational Age (1T, 2504 - 2526)
The Meta-Consciousness Awakening (2T, 2526 - 2546) climax 2536
Fraction and Rebellion (3T, 2546 - 2567)
The War Between the Planets (4T, 2567 - 2587) climax 2584

Any thoughts or comments on how I could improve or add to this?

Post#2 at 12-10-2011 08:15 PM by disgruntledxer [at Seattle, WA joined Sep 2010 #posts 674]
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Sci-fi has decreased with me since learning SH because the storylines might have the aspects, the continuation of stories are flawed.
Initially, the questions I ask when reviewing any saeculur event: What did the decision makers know about the cyclical time, when did they know it, and how did they act on that knowledge? Then I can ask the question, "what was their purpose?" I take extra special notice when reviewing events before Generations was released by Strauss-Howe.