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Thread: 2016 - Battle For the Economic Future - Page 3

Post#51 at 03-02-2016 04:47 PM by XYMOX_4AD_84 [at joined Nov 2012 #posts 3,073]
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Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Green View Post
I think Trump can make deals, and both he and Putin are for sale to the highest bidder. The SCO alliance is only a conspiracy theory at this point.
It's not a conspiracy theory Eric:


Post#52 at 03-02-2016 05:00 PM by Eric the Green [at San Jose CA joined Jul 2001 #posts 22,504]
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Quote Originally Posted by XYMOX_4AD_84 View Post
It's not a conspiracy theory Eric:
So, member states have meetings. What does that prove?
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