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Thread: Generational Boundaries - Page 36

Post#876 at 04-30-2002 06:13 PM by [at joined #posts ]
04-30-2002, 06:13 PM #876

"Yes, and the Beatles were Boomer music but the Beatles themselves were mostly Silents. U2 is Xer music but the members of U2 are mostly or entirely Boomer. I don't know enough about Glenn Miller to say for sure, but I see him more as a Lost (in a small group or solo at that hypothetical Lost/GI party)."

It's nice to see your depth of understanding on historical issues of culture is about as deep as your understanding of politics, Mr. Patton. The word nil comes to mind.

Post#877 at 04-30-2002 06:58 PM by [at joined #posts ]
04-30-2002, 06:58 PM #877

Glenn Miller was L7. Square.
Dr. spock..well he wrote the book for raising Boomers when Boomers were being born. Since he wrote the book on GI parenting I figured he would be a GI.
I guess you are right about Orwell being disillusioned, but don't forget William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" and Vonnegut's "Slaughter House #5"
I just saw "Animal Farm" and "1984" in the same concept, of dealing with World War II.
I saw people like the famous Algonkian Roundtable of the 1920 (Oliver Woolcott, Dorothy Parker) and F Scott Fitgerald, Hemingway to focus much more on the individual's problems and relationships than these later authors who offered more of a panoramic social conscience.

Post#878 at 04-30-2002 07:13 PM by Stonewall Patton [at joined Sep 2001 #posts 3,857]
04-30-2002, 07:13 PM #878
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On 2002-04-30 16:58, God wrote:

I guess you are right about Orwell being disillusioned, but don't forget William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" and Vonnegut's "Slaughter House #5"
I just saw "Animal Farm" and "1984" in the same concept, of dealing with World War II.
I saw people like the famous Algonkian Roundtable of the 1920 (Oliver Woolcott, Dorothy Parker) and F Scott Fitgerald, Hemingway to focus much more on the individual's problems and relationships than these later authors who offered more of a panoramic social conscience.
You are certainly correct that the Lost generally placed more emphasis on the individual whereas the GIs placed more emphasis on the community. But it goes without saying that some Lost addressed community and some GIs addressed the individual. I suspect that we can distinguish between a Lost and a GI when both are addressing community. Typically, the Lost will be cynical and pessimistic whereas the GI will be enthusiastic and optimistic. The Lost is leery of authority while the GI seeks authority. These are two different perceptions of community (and they probably value two different brands of socialism as one example).

Post#879 at 04-30-2002 07:56 PM by [at joined #posts ]
04-30-2002, 07:56 PM #879

On 2002-04-30 17:13, Stonewall Patton wrote:
On 2002-04-30 16:58, God wrote:

I guess you are right about Orwell being disillusioned, but don't forget William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" and Vonnegut's "Slaughter House #5"
I just saw "Animal Farm" and "1984" in the same concept, of dealing with World War II.
I saw people like the famous Algonkian Roundtable of the 1920 (Oliver Woolcott, Dorothy Parker) and F Scott Fitgerald, Hemingway to focus much more on the individual's problems and relationships than these later authors who offered more of a panoramic social conscience.
You are certainly correct that the Lost generally placed more emphasis on the individual whereas the GIs placed more emphasis on the community. But it goes without saying that some Lost addressed community and some GIs addressed the individual. I suspect that we can distinguish between a Lost and a GI when both are addressing community. Typically, the Lost will be cynical and pessimistic whereas the GI will be enthusiastic and optimistic. The Lost is leery of authority while the GI seeks authority. These are two different perceptions of community (and they probably value two different brands of socialism as one example).
Seems right... Orwell's view is much more pessimistic and therefore could be seen as Lost (what had confused me for a while about the whole Lost/GI debate was that I had just assumed that Bob Hope '03 and later were automatically GI without knowing anything about them because Bob Hope's name just *SOUNDS* like a GI name, but then again even if he were born in, say, 1896, he'd still have the same parents and therefore that same GI-ish name and what he did - as a vaudeville actor - was a Lost form of entertainment; I just didn't see any evidence to make his personality either Lost or GI when looking at the actual person!...) - though Orwell does have some hope left that society might not fall that way (late Nomad optimism despite cynicism?) Orwell seems to me like a grandfather figure because he created 1984 and 1984 created me :smile:

William '84

Not only was I born in 1984, but I even live in Room 101!

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Post#880 at 04-30-2002 07:59 PM by [at joined #posts ]
04-30-2002, 07:59 PM #880

On 2002-04-30 14:17, Virgil K. Saari wrote:
On 2002-04-30 13:21, mmailliw wrote:
I've heard both usages a lot on this forum interchangeably...
Cool, does your computer make special noises for the smilies?
no; I just can hear colors :smile:

Post#881 at 04-30-2002 09:03 PM by cbailey [at B. 1950 joined Sep 2001 #posts 1,559]
04-30-2002, 09:03 PM #881
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B. 1950

Huh. Adelle Davis was a Lost. 1904
She had a huge impact on young mothers and their child-feeding in the late 60's through the early 70's. Silents and Boomers. Orgos and super-market shoppers both. "Let's Eat Healthy" was a bible for awhile.

Post#882 at 04-30-2002 11:49 PM by [at joined #posts ]
04-30-2002, 11:49 PM #882

Bob Hope's real name is Leslie Townes Hope. He was born in England.
Well the question is is he in the "Oh, God" generation or the "Father Knows Best" generation.
Did Lost celebrities do alot for WWII?

Post#883 at 04-30-2002 11:50 PM by [at joined #posts ]
04-30-2002, 11:50 PM #883

For mailliw,
"Oh God" was a late 70s flick with George Burns...just in case ya didnt know. It also had John Denver in it

Post#884 at 05-01-2002 12:20 AM by Stonewall Patton [at joined Sep 2001 #posts 3,857]
05-01-2002, 12:20 AM #884
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On 2002-04-30 21:49, God wrote:

Bob Hope's real name is Leslie Townes Hope. He was born in England.
Well the question is is he in the "Oh, God" generation or the "Father Knows Best" generation.

Did Lost celebrities do alot for WWII?
Certainly many Lost did things for the war effort but I think Bob Hope is actually more GI than Lost. It simply comes back to the cusp. People see traces of GI as early as 1901 with Walt Disney, for example, and I see a trace of Lost in Ronald Reagan '11. To my mind, there is little doubt that Walt Disney, if he was indeed a GI, was an island in a sea of Lost, judging by his fellow '01 cohorts. Look yourself. And there is little doubt that Reagan was a GI, despite that touch of Lost, as were all (or nearly all) of his '11 cohorts. 1901 and 1911 are the approximate ends of this intergenerational cusp. The actual generational shift (GI over 50%) should have occurred about halfway in between. Indeed I like 1906 and Kevin likes 1907. It all seems pretty consistent.

Post#885 at 05-01-2002 12:42 AM by [at joined #posts ]
05-01-2002, 12:42 AM #885

Reagan was lame.
He was really old.
But to call the Soviet Union "the evil empire"
Christ, thats almost Boomer-like.
And the way he handled the Panthers and Hippie sin California as Governor in the 60s?
What a tool. Safe guarding the interests of his rich buddies. and him riding his horse at the ranch like hes some kind of cowboy???
What a joke.
Hes a John Wayne GI alright.

Post#886 at 05-01-2002 12:44 AM by [at joined #posts ]
05-01-2002, 12:44 AM #886

haha Gen X is last (except maybe for south park :smile:

Post#887 at 05-01-2002 01:33 AM by Jesse Manoogian [at The edge of the world in all of Western civilization joined Oct 2001 #posts 448]
05-01-2002, 01:33 AM #887
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The edge of the world in all of Western civilization

On 2002-04-27 19:05, DirkDiggler wrote:
Oh you are so full of it.
What does Millennial stand for and what makes you not Millennial Mr. Jarvard?
Im sure all the 89 cohorts hate Harry Potter too and they're not REALLY like that. Its really the 94 cohorts. I could see them making the same arguments you are making.
Who's ever said that 1989 cohorts don't like Harry Potter? I don't think anyone can deny that they fit into the Harry Potter generation. Everybody recognizes it. Even the 1989 cohorts themselves. So what do you mean by that?

Post#888 at 05-01-2002 01:42 AM by Jesse Manoogian [at The edge of the world in all of Western civilization joined Oct 2001 #posts 448]
05-01-2002, 01:42 AM #888
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The edge of the world in all of Western civilization

On 2002-04-29 01:39, mmailliw wrote:
On 2002-04-29 01:34, Stonewall Patton wrote:
Wrong! I used to smirk at guys like you when I first came here. But now I see that you (I don't know about Craig) have the attitude. Yes, you are definitely an Xer and there is indeed a continuity from the 60s through the 70s. I'd say that the edge/attitude is gone by Robert '82 so I am not sure that Craig would have it either.
OTOH, I'd say that '82 is a break in the continuum (from Robert's memories he might as well have been born in 87!); to see other breakdowns of those years check out my post on "Generations based on TFT posters alone"; whether Craig or I are more like the '82s, those immediately before, or something totally different is as of yet undetermined...
You're right. I mean Robert, for one, was an outcast at school, as he mentions himself, with an extremely hard time fitting in and so on. Plus he generally seems to lack the memories most '82 cohorts have as you mentioned. I mean he says he doesn't remember the breakup of the USSR. So as Stonewall's apparent sole basis for judging 1982...Robert Reed is extremely atypical for his birthyear.

Post#889 at 05-01-2002 02:01 AM by Jesse Manoogian [at The edge of the world in all of Western civilization joined Oct 2001 #posts 448]
05-01-2002, 02:01 AM #889
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The edge of the world in all of Western civilization

On 2002-04-29 18:50, God wrote:
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????I think you are a Millie because you have no feelings.
You approach thing academically and can't "feel things out"
Even Stonewall Patton is trying to get lists of hundreds of celebrities and politicians and stuff born in the first decade of the twentieth century and hoping to analyze them all to see which fits in the majority. You don't think 1905 cohorts were able to remember any of that "Awakening vibe", do you?

You need to figure out this generation stuff by who really fits in the majority within each year...IF the majority, that is, fit into any one of the four generational archetypes at all. If you let your emotions overcome you you're going to insist that people are or aren't in your generation based on your emotional prejudices and what you WANT to feel.

This is bizarre and new to me. I cant even fathom 1985 cohorts. i know one, she is Ms organization. Riding lessons, cello lessons, despite her nasty attitude.
What about that 1985-born girl who loved punk music you were talking to one week?

My 1984 cousins are weird. i feel bad because they disguise their lame Millie culture in Limp Bizkit threads but it doesnt disguise who they really are. the overprotected will-do-what-authority-tells-them-in-the-long-run youth. They recieved no lovey-70s hippie be who you wanna be upbringing whatsoever.
So they'd really do whatever authority wants them to deep down inside? He's NOT really Xish even though he loves Limp Bizkit and all? How can you tell? Have you ever SEEN him act that way? Has he ever actually SAID anything to you that would indicate that that's what he's like deep down inside?

1982--C2K...even if they act bad they are still the begining of the historical diference. Cant remember the unraveling.
1981...split...some are Xers, some are NOT.
Theyll even tell you.
1980---pretty Xer-ish, but not really linked to the 70s cohorts like the 79ers were.
1979--I have no doubt that they are Xers.
My 1971 brother says that my year (1979-80) are "the last of the last"
He says my 1984 cousins are "not it"
he should know as much as anyone, especially because he is mr Gen X. this here sounds exactly like Justin '79. It's no doubt what Justin would say...right down to the '84 cousins. However, the screenname "God" was first used several weeks ago by someone who responded to several threads by writing "This conversation is finished". So I'm this "God" person Justin '79...or is it somebody else?

Post#890 at 05-01-2002 08:23 AM by [at joined #posts ]
05-01-2002, 08:23 AM #890

I think you are Justin'79.
My 1984 cousins dont have anything to say in front of me. They are too busy playing videogames. I think one expressed some sort of "Rage Against The Machine" type attitude after he bought their CD.
God, first hes listening to Wu-Tang Clan, then Rage, then Korn. It was funny to see him get a Beastie Boys record, and listen to Brass Monkey. That's like Xers grooving to The Rolling Stones you know, something seems a little out of place?
We used to call him "Ghostface Killah" (all of us were too old to take any of that crap seriously).
You know why I am also mad at millennials?
They get more breaks earlier.
Britney Spears? Johnny Lang? There are kids that get their recording contracts at 17!
Then they are marketed to a younger audience.
I never could have ridden a wave like that.
Anything that was made by people my age was absorbed into the music of the time.
Hence, Silverchair, became a grunge act. Aaliyah, became a RnB different from the rest. No special treatment.
Even today, bands like Coldplay, Travis, The Strokes, White Stripes---all late wave Xers---all coopted into the greater Gen X music scene.

Post#891 at 05-01-2002 10:32 AM by Stonewall Patton [at joined Sep 2001 #posts 3,857]
05-01-2002, 10:32 AM #891
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William questioned the GI/Silent border. Here are births spanning the years from 1920 to 1929 for analysis:

02-Jan-1920 Isaac Asimov
06-Jan-1920 Sun Myung Moon
15-Jan-1920 Cardinal John O'Connor
20-Jan-1920 Federico Fellini
20-Jan-1920 DeForest Kelley
07-Feb-1920 Eddie Bracken
13-Feb-1920 Eileen Farrell
16-Feb-1920 Patty Andrews
18-Feb-1920 Bill Cullen
18-Feb-1920 Jack Palance
26-Feb-1920 Tony Randall
03-Mar-1920 James Doohan
14-Mar-1920 Hank Ketcham
25-Mar-1920 Howard Cosell
01-Apr-1920 Toshiro Mifune
02-Apr-1920 Jack Webb
07-Apr-1920 Ravi Shankar
16-Apr-1920 Barry Nelson
18-May-1920 Pope John Paul II
23-May-1920 Helen O'Connell
26-May-1920 Peggy Lee
10-Jul-1920 David Brinkley
11-Jul-1920 Yul Brynner
21-Jul-1920 Isaac Stern
16-Aug-1920 Charles Bukowski
17-Aug-1920 Maureen O'Hara
22-Aug-1920 Ray Bradbury
29-Aug-1920 Charlie "Bird" Parker
18-Sep-1920 June Foray
18-Sep-1920 Jack Warden
23-Sep-1920 Mickey Rooney
27-Sep-1920 William Conrad
01-Oct-1920 Walter Matthau
15-Oct-1920 Mario Puzo
17-Oct-1920 Montgomery Clift
22-Oct-1920 Timothy Leary
27-Oct-1920 Nanette Fabray
08-Nov-1920 Esther Rolle
21-Nov-1920 Stan Musial
25-Nov-1920 Ricardo Montalban
06-Dec-1920 Dave Brubeck
19-Dec-1920 David Susskind
30-Dec-1920 Jack Lord

27-Jan-1921 Donna Reed
31-Jan-1921 Mario Lanza
04-Feb-1921 Betty Friedan
08-Feb-1921 Freddie Blassie
08-Feb-1921 Lana Turner
11-Feb-1921 Eva Gabor
14-Feb-1921 Hugh Downs
24-Feb-1921 Abe Vigoda
26-Feb-1921 Betty Hutton
12-Mar-1921 Gordon MacRae
25-Mar-1921 Simone Signoret
27-Mar-1921 Harold Nicholas
28-Mar-1921 Dirk Bogarde
05-Apr-1921 Gale Storm
10-Apr-1921 Chuck Connors
16-Apr-1921 Peter Ustinov
01-Jun-1921 Nelson Riddle
15-Jun-1921 Erroll Garner
21-Jun-1921 Jane Russell
22-Jun-1921 Joseph Papp
06-Jul-1921 Nancy Reagan
10-Jul-1921 Jake LaMotta
18-Jul-1921 John Glenn
11-Aug-1921 Alex Haley
19-Aug-1921 Gene Roddenberry
20-Aug-1921 Jacqueline Susann
26-Aug-1921 Ben Bradlee
24-Sep-1921 Jim McKay
30-Sep-1921 Deborah Kerr
01-Oct-1921 James Whitmore
13-Oct-1921 Yves Montand
17-Oct-1921 Tom Poston
18-Oct-1921 Jesse Helms
29-Oct-1921 Bill Mauldin
03-Nov-1921 Charles Bronson
14-Nov-1921 Brian Keith
22-Nov-1921 Rodney Dangerfield
26-Dec-1921 Steve Allen
28-Dec-1921 Johnny Otis

07-Jan-1922 Jean-Pierre Rampal
17-Jan-1922 Betty White
19-Jan-1922 Guy Madison
21-Jan-1922 Paul Scofield
30-Jan-1922 Dick Martin
18-Feb-1922 Helen Gurley Brown
26-Feb-1922 Margaret Leighton
05-Mar-1922 James Noble
12-Mar-1922 Jack Kerouac
20-Mar-1922 Carl Reiner
15-Apr-1922 Leon Schotter
27-Apr-1922 Jack Klugman
07-May-1922 Darren McGavin
10-May-1922 Nancy Walker
27-May-1922 Christopher Lee
31-May-1922 Denholm Elliott
04-Jun-1922 Gene Barry
10-Jun-1922 Judy Garland
26-Jun-1922 Eleanor Parker
02-Jul-1922 Dan Rowan
06-Jul-1922 William Schallert
07-Jul-1922 Pierre Cardin
19-Jul-1922 George McGovern
21-Jul-1922 Kay Starr
26-Jul-1922 Blake Edwards
26-Jul-1922 Jason Robards, Jr.
27-Jul-1922 Norman Lear
08-Aug-1922 Rory Calhoun
08-Aug-1922 Rudi Gernreich
18-Aug-1922 Shelley Winters
01-Sep-1922 Yvonne DeCarlo
01-Sep-1922 Vittorio Gassman
08-Sep-1922 Sid Caesar
15-Sep-1922 Jackie Cooper
27-Sep-1922 Arthur Penn
19-Oct-1922 Jack Anderson
31-Oct-1922 Barbara Bel Geddes
07-Nov-1922 Al Hirt
11-Nov-1922 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
13-Nov-1922 Oskar Werner
26-Nov-1922 Charles Schulz
09-Dec-1922 Redd Foxx
20-Dec-1922 George Roy Hill
21-Dec-1922 Paul Winchell
22-Dec-1922 Barbara Billingsley
24-Dec-1922 Ava Gardner

08-Jan-1923 Larry Storch
19-Jan-1923 Jean Stapleton
26-Jan-1923 Anne Jeffreys
31-Jan-1923 Carol Channing
31-Jan-1923 Norman Mailer
02-Feb-1923 James Dickey
07-Feb-1923 Keefe Brasselle
09-Feb-1923 Brendan Behan
12-Feb-1923 Franco Zeffirelli
13-Feb-1923 Chuck Yeager
28-Feb-1923 Charles Durning
06-Mar-1923 Ed McMahon
08-Mar-1923 Cyd Charisse
22-Mar-1923 Marcel Marceau
23-Mar-1923 Doc Watson
12-Apr-1923 Ann Miller
17-Apr-1923 Harry Reasoner
26-May-1923 James Arness
27-May-1923 Henry Kissinger
14-Jul-1923 Dale Robertson
22-Jul-1923 Bob Dole
08-Aug-1923 Esther Williams
10-Aug-1923 Rhonda Fleming
21-Aug-1923 Chris Schenkel
25-Aug-1923 Monty Hall
29-Aug-1923 Richard Attenborough
05-Oct-1923 Glynis Johns
18-Oct-1923 Melina Mercouri
27-Oct-1923 Roy Lichtenstein
18-Nov-1923 Alan Shepard, Jr.
30-Nov-1923 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
02-Dec-1923 Maria Callas
07-Dec-1923 Ted Knight
12-Dec-1923 Bob Barker

08-Jan-1924 Ron Moody
21-Jan-1924 Telly Savalas
08-Feb-1924 Audrey Meadows
19-Feb-1924 Lee Marvin
20-Feb-1924 Sidney Poitier
20-Feb-1924 Gloria Vanderbilt
27-Mar-1924 Sarah Vaughan
03-Apr-1924 Marlon Brando
03-Apr-1924 Doris Day
16-Apr-1924 Henry Mancini
20-Apr-1924 Nina Foch
01-May-1924 Terry Southern
02-May-1924 Theodore Bikel
21-May-1924 Peggy Cass
04-Jun-1924 Dennis Weaver
12-Jun-1924 George Bush
20-Jun-1924 Chet Atkins
20-Jun-1924 Audie Murphy
25-Jun-1924 Sidney Lumet
04-Jul-1924 Eva Marie Saint
16-Jul-1924 Bess Myerson
21-Jul-1924 Don Knotts
25-Jul-1924 Estelle Getty
02-Aug-1924 James Baldwin
02-Aug-1924 Carroll O'Connor
15-Aug-1924 Phyllis Schlafly
21-Aug-1924 Jack Weston
31-Aug-1924 Buddy Hackett
16-Sep-1924 Lauren Bacall
24-Sep-1924 Sheila MacRae
28-Sep-1924 Marcello Mastroianni
30-Sep-1924 Truman Capote
01-Oct-1924 Jimmy Carter
04-Oct-1924 Charlton Heston
10-Oct-1924 Edward D. Wood, Jr.
13-Oct-1924 Nipsey Russell
15-Oct-1924 Lee Iacocca
25-Oct-1924 Billy Barty
27-Oct-1924 Ruby Dee
06-Dec-1924 Wally Cox
25-Dec-1924 Rod Serling

13-Jan-1925 Gwen Verdon
21-Jan-1925 Benny Hill
24-Jan-1925 Maria Tallchief
26-Jan-1925 Paul Newman
30-Jan-1925 Dorothy Malone
08-Feb-1925 Jack Lemmon
17-Feb-1925 Hal Holbrook
18-Feb-1925 George Kennedy
20-Feb-1925 Robert Altman
21-Feb-1925 Sam Peckinpah
31-Mar-1925 Leo Buscaglia
14-Apr-1925 Rod Steiger
19-Apr-1925 Hugh O'Brian
02-May-1925 Roscoe Lee Browne
12-May-1925 Yogi Berra
19-May-1925 Malcolm X
25-May-1925 Jeanne Crain
03-Jun-1925 Tony Curtis
08-Jun-1925 Barbara Bush
14-Jun-1925 Pierre Salinger
21-Jun-1925 Maureen Stapleton
25-Jun-1925 June Lockhart
06-Jul-1925 Merv Griffin
06-Jul-1925 Bill Haley
11-Aug-1925 Mike Douglas
14-Aug-1925 Russell Baker
15-Aug-1925 Mike Conners
15-Aug-1925 Rose Marie
16-Aug-1925 Fess Parker
28-Aug-1925 Donald O'Connor
08-Sep-1925 Peter Sellers
09-Sep-1925 Cliff Robertson
13-Sep-1925 Mel Torme
16-Sep-1925 B.B. King
28-Sep-1925 Arnold Stang
03-Oct-1925 Gore Vidal
11-Oct-1925 Elmore Leonard
13-Oct-1925 Lenny Bruce
13-Oct-1925 Margaret Thatcher
16-Oct-1925 Angela Lansbury
20-Oct-1925 Art Buchwald
21-Oct-1925 Joyce Randolph
23-Oct-1925 Johnny Carson
10-Nov-1925 Richard Burton
11-Nov-1925 Jonathan Winters
17-Nov-1925 Rock Hudson
20-Nov-1925 Robert F. Kennedy
23-Nov-1925 Johnny Mandel
24-Nov-1925 William F. Buckley, Jr.
08-Dec-1925 Sammy Davis, Jr.
09-Dec-1925 Dina Merrill
13-Dec-1925 Dick Van Dyke
18-Dec-1925 Roger Smith

03-Jan-1926 George Martin
08-Jan-1926 Soupy Sales
11-Jan-1926 Grant Tinker
12-Jan-1926 Ray Price
20-Jan-1926 Patricia Neal
03-Feb-1926 Shelley Berman
11-Feb-1926 Leslie Nielsen
12-Feb-1926 Joe Garagiola
01-Mar-1926 Pete Rozelle
06-Mar-1926 Alan Greenspan
09-Mar-1926 Irene Papas
11-Mar-1926 Ralph Abernathy
16-Mar-1926 Jerry Lewis
18-Mar-1926 Peter Graves
01-Apr-1926 Anne McCaffrey
05-Apr-1926 Roger Corman
08-Apr-1926 Shecky Greene
09-Apr-1926 Hugh Hefner
13-Apr-1926 Don Adams
21-Apr-1926 Elizabeth II, Queen of England
30-Apr-1926 Cloris Leachman
05-May-1926 Ann B. Davis
08-May-1926 Don Rickles
13-May-1926 Beatrice Arthur
25-May-1926 Miles Davis
01-Jun-1926 Andy Griffith
01-Jun-1926 Marilyn Monroe
03-Jun-1926 Colleen Dewhurst
03-Jun-1926 Allen Ginsberg
13-Jun-1926 Paul Lynde
28-Jun-1926 Mel Brooks
10-Jul-1926 Fred Gwynne
14-Jul-1926 Harry Dean Stanton
21-Jul-1926 Norman Jewison
03-Aug-1926 Tony Bennett
07-Aug-1926 Stan Freberg
12-Aug-1926 John Derek
13-Aug-1926 Fidel Castro
17-Aug-1926 Jiang Zemin
23-Sep-1926 John Coltrane
26-Sep-1926 Julie London
27-Sep-1926 Jayne Meadows
10-Oct-1926 Richard Jaeckel
18-Oct-1926 Chuck Berry
24-Oct-1926 Y.A. Tittle
07-Nov-1926 Joan Sutherland
20-Nov-1926 Kaye Ballard
30-Nov-1926 Richard Crenna
21-Dec-1926 Joe Paterno

10-Jan-1927 Gisele MacKenzie
10-Jan-1927 Johnnie Ray
17-Jan-1927 Eartha Kitt
10-Feb-1927 Leontyne Price
15-Feb-1927 Harvey Korman
21-Feb-1927 Erma Bombeck
01-Mar-1927 Harry Belafonte
18-Mar-1927 George Plimpton
31-Mar-1927 C?sar Ch?vez
05-May-1927 Pat Carroll
27-Apr-1927 Coretta Scott King
11-May-1927 Mort Sahl
25-May-1927 Robert Ludlum
23-Jun-1927 Bob Fosse
27-Jun-1927 Bob "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan
03-Jul-1927 Ken Russell
04-Jul-1927 Gina Lollobrigida
04-Jul-1927 Neil Simon
06-Jul-1927 Janet Leigh
07-Jul-1927 Doc Severinsen
09-Jul-1927 Ed Ames
14-Jul-1927 John Chancellor
07-Aug-1927 Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer
09-Aug-1927 Robert Shaw
18-Aug-1927 Rosalynn Carter
16-Sep-1927 Peter Falk
22-Sep-1927 Tommy Lasorda
01-Oct-1927 Tom Bosley
07-Oct-1927 R.D. Laing
14-Oct-1927 Roger Moore
18-Oct-1927 George C. Scott
28-Oct-1927 Cleo Laine
08-Nov-1927 Patti Page
20-Nov-1927 Estelle Parsons
21-Nov-1927 Joseph Campanella
29-Nov-1927 Vin Scully
13-Dec-1927 Christopher Plummer
26-Dec-1927 Alan King

05-Jan-1928 Walter Mondale
07-Jan-1928 William Peter Blatty
17-Jan-1928 Vidal Sassoon
23-Jan-1928 Jeanne Moreau
05-Feb-1928 Andrew Greeley
09-Feb-1928 Roger Mudd
26-Feb-1928 Fats Domino
27-Feb-1928 Ariel Sharon
10-Mar-1928 James Earl Ray
12-Mar-1928 Edward Albee
14-Mar-1928 Frank Borman
19-Mar-1928 Patrick McGoohan
20-Mar-1928 Fred "Mr." Rogers
31-Mar-1928 Gordie Howe
04-Apr-1928 Maya Angelou
07-Apr-1928 James Garner
11-Apr-1928 Ethel Kennedy
22-Apr-1928 Aaron Spelling
23-Apr-1928 Shirley Temple Black
23-May-1928 Rosemary Clooney
01-Jun-1928 Bob Monkhouse
04-Jun-1928 Dr. Ruth Westheimer
05-Jun-1928 Tony Richardson
10-Jun-1928 Maurice Sendak
12-Jun-1928 Vic Damone
05-Jul-1928 Warren Oates
13-Jul-1928 Bob Crane
22-Jul-1928 Orson Bean
26-Jul-1928 Stanley Kubrick
06-Aug-1928 Andy Warhol
07-Aug-1928 "The Amazing" James Randi
10-Aug-1928 Jimmy Dean
10-Aug-1928 Eddie Fisher
11-Aug-1928 Arlene Dahl
16-Aug-1928 Ann Blyth
29-Aug-1928 Dick O'Neill
31-Aug-1928 James Coburn
17-Sep-1928 Roddy McDowall
19-Sep-1928 Adam West
20-Sep-1928 Dr. Joyce Brothers
01-Oct-1928 George Peppard
02-Oct-1928 George "Spanky" McFarland
04-Oct-1928 Alvin Toffler
15-Nov-1928 Bill "C.W. McCall" Fries
09-Dec-1928 Dick Van Patten
10-Dec-1928 Dan Blocker
15-Dec-1928 Friedensreich Hundertwasser
30-Dec-1928 Bo Diddley

06-Jan-1929 Vic Tayback
15-Jan-1929 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
26-Jan-1929 Jules Feiffer
31-Jan-1929 Jean Simmons
21-Feb-1929 Roberto Gomez Bola?os
23-Mar-1929 Roger Bannister
06-Apr-1929 Andre Previn
10-Apr-1929 Max Von Sydow
16-Apr-1929 Edie Adams
04-May-1929 Audrey Hepburn
12-May-1929 Burt Bacharach
25-May-1929 Beverly Sills
08-Jun-1929 Jerry Stiller
12-Jun-1929 Anne Frank
23-Jun-1929 June Carter
18-Jul-1929 Dick Button
28-Jul-1929 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
13-Aug-1929 Pat Harrington, Jr.
21-Aug-1929 X.J. Kennedy
24-Aug-1929 Yasser Arafat
05-Sep-1929 Bob Newhart
10-Sep-1929 Arnold Palmer
20-Sep-1929 Anne Meara
12-Nov-1929 Grace Kelly
14-Nov-1929 McLean Stevenson
15-Nov-1929 Ed Asner
28-Nov-1929 Berry Gordy, Jr.
30-Nov-1929 Dick Clark
17-Dec-1929 William Safire
24-Dec-1929 Mary Higgins Clark

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For purposes of the Silent/Boomer border, here are births spanning the years from 1937 through 1947:

04-Jan-1937 Dyan Cannon
08-Jan-1937 Shirley Bassey
15-Jan-1937 Margaret O'Brien
20-Jan-1937 Dorothy Provine
22-Jan-1937 Joseph Wambaugh
30-Jan-1937 Vanessa Redgrave
30-Jan-1937 Boris Spassky
31-Jan-1937 Suzanne Pleshette
01-Feb-1937 Don Everly
01-Feb-1937 Garrett Morris
02-Feb-1937 Tom Smothers
20-Feb-1937 Nancy Wilson
25-Feb-1937 Tom Courtenay
20-Mar-1937 Lois Lowry
30-Mar-1937 Warren Beatty
05-Apr-1937 Colin Powell
06-Apr-1937 Merle Haggard
06-Apr-1937 Billy Dee Williams
22-Apr-1937 Jack Nicholson
27-Apr-1937 Sandy Dennis
28-Apr-1937 Saddam Hussein
03-May-1937 Frankie Valli
12-May-1937 George Carlin
15-May-1937 Madeleine Albright
15-May-1937 Trini Lopez
01-Jun-1937 Morgan Freeman
02-Jun-1937 Sally Kellerman
15-Jun-1937 Waylon Jennings
16-Jun-1937 Erich Segal
02-Jul-1937 Richard Petty
03-Jul-1937 Tom Stoppard
06-Jul-1937 Ned Beatty
12-Jul-1937 Bill Cosby
08-Aug-1937 Dustin Hoffman
18-Aug-1937 Robert Redford
06-Sep-1937 Jo Anne Worley
15-Oct-1937 Linda Lavin
19-Oct-1937 Peter Max
30-Oct-1937 Claude Lelouch
04-Nov-1937 Loretta Swit
30-Nov-1937 Robert Guillaume
21-Dec-1937 Jane Fonda
30-Dec-1937 Noel Paul Stookey
31-Dec-1937 Anthony Hopkins

07-Jan-1938 Paul Revere
14-Jan-1938 Jack Jones
01-Feb-1938 Sherman Hemsley
12-Feb-1938 Judy Blume
24-Feb-1938 James Farentino
04-Mar-1938 Paula Prentiss
17-Mar-1938 Rudolf Nureyev
18-Mar-1938 Charlie Pride
22-Mar-1938 Marvin Yagoda
01-Apr-1938 Ali MacGraw
08-Apr-1938 Kofi Annan
26-Apr-1938 Duane Eddy
22-May-1938 Richard Benjamin
22-May-1938 Susan Strasberg
24-May-1938 Tommy Chong
31-May-1938 Peter Yarrow
16-Jun-1938 Joyce Carol Oates
18-Jul-1938 Paul Verhoeven
20-Jul-1938 Diana Rigg
20-Jul-1938 Natalie Wood
29-Jul-1938 Peter Jennings
08-Aug-1938 Connie Stevens
21-Aug-1938 Kenny Rogers
29-Aug-1938 Elliott Gould
14-Sep-1938 Nicol Williamson
02-Oct-1938 Rex Reed
17-Oct-1938 Evel Knievel
18-Oct-1938 Dawn Wells
22-Oct-1938 Christopher Lloyd
02-Nov-1938 Pat Buchanan
13-Nov-1938 Jean Seberg
17-Nov-1938 Gordon Lightfoot
19-Nov-1938 Ted Turner
21-Nov-1938 Marlo Thomas
26-Nov-1938 Rich Little
12-Dec-1938 Connie Francis
29-Dec-1938 Jon Voight

02-Jan-1939 Jim Bakker
03-Jan-1939 Bobby Hull
08-Jan-1939 Yvette Mimieux
10-Jan-1939 Sal Mineo
17-Jan-1939 Maury Povich
19-Jan-1939 Phil Everly
21-Jan-1939 Wolfman Jack
06-Feb-1939 Mike Farrell
10-Feb-1939 Roberta Flack
12-Feb-1939 Ray Manzarek
23-Feb-1939 Peter Fonda
28-Feb-1939 Tommy Tune
05-Mar-1939 Samantha Eggar
13-Mar-1939 Neil Sedaka
26-Mar-1939 James Caan
02-Apr-1939 Marvin Gaye
07-Apr-1939 Francis Coppola
07-Apr-1939 David Frost
09-Apr-1939 Michael Learned
11-Apr-1939 Louise Lasser
15-Apr-1939 Claudia Cardinale
16-Apr-1939 Dusty Springfield
01-May-1939 Judy Collins
13-May-1939 Harvey Keitel
19-May-1939 James Fox
26-May-1939 Brent Musburger
29-May-1939 Al Unser
30-May-1939 Michael J. Pollard
06-Jun-1939 Gary U.S. Bonds
18-Jul-1939 Hunter S. Thompson
22-Jul-1939 Terrence Stamp
30-Jul-1939 Peter Bogdanovich
12-Aug-1939 George Hamilton
22-Aug-1939 Carl Yastrzemski
29-Aug-1939 William Friedkin
01-Sep-1939 Lily Tomlin
18-Sep-1939 Frankie Avalon
08-Oct-1939 Paul Hogan
14-Oct-1939 Ralph Lauren
18-Oct-1939 Mike Ditka
18-Oct-1939 Lee Harvey Oswald
22-Oct-1939 Tony Roberts
24-Oct-1939 F. Murray Abraham
27-Oct-1939 John Cleese
30-Oct-1939 Grace Slick
18-Nov-1939 Brenda Vaccaro
20-Nov-1939 Dick Smothers
26-Nov-1939 Tina Turner
29-Nov-1939 Peter Bergman
01-Dec-1939 Lee Trevino
08-Dec-1939 James Galway
16-Dec-1939 Liv Ullmann
27-Dec-1939 John Amos
30-Dec-1939 Del Shannon

21-Jan-1940 Jack Nicklaus
22-Jan-1940 John Hurt
02-Feb-1940 David Jason
03-Feb-1940 Fran Tarkenton
05-Feb-1940 H.R. Giger
06-Feb-1940 Tom Brokaw
08-Feb-1940 Ted Koppel
08-Feb-1940 Nick Nolte
11-Feb-1940 Bobby "Boris" Pickett
19-Feb-1940 Smokey Robinson
27-Feb-1940 Howard Hesseman
28-Feb-1940 Mario Andretti
29-Feb-1940 Gretchen Christopher
07-Mar-1940 Daniel J. Travanti
09-Mar-1940 Raul Julia
10-Mar-1940 Chuck Norris
12-Mar-1940 Al Jarreau
15-Mar-1940 Phil Lesh
16-Mar-1940 Bernardo Bertolucci
25-Mar-1940 Anita Bryant
30-Mar-1940 Astrud Gilberto
12-Apr-1940 Herbie Hancock
23-Apr-1940 Lee Majors
25-Apr-1940 Al Pacino
30-Apr-1940 Burt Young
08-May-1940 Peter Benchley
08-May-1940 Rick Nelson
09-May-1940 James L. Brooks
20-May-1940 Stan Mikita
01-Jun-1940 Rene Auberjonois
07-Jun-1940 Tom Jones
08-Jun-1940 Nancy Sinatra
09-Jun-1940 Dick Vitale
21-Jun-1940 Mariette Hartley
07-Jul-1940 Ringo Starr
13-Jul-1940 Patrick Stewart
22-Jul-1940 Alex Trebek
23-Jul-1940 Don Imus
28-Jul-1940 Phil Proctor
03-Aug-1940 Martin Sheen
19-Aug-1940 Jill St. John
22-Aug-1940 Valerie Harper
05-Sep-1940 Raquel Welch
11-Sep-1940 Brian DePalma
12-Sep-1940 Linda Gray
15-Sep-1940 Merlin Olsen
19-Sep-1940 Paul Williams
09-Oct-1940 John Lennon
14-Oct-1940 Sir Cliff Richard
23-Oct-1940 Pel?
25-Oct-1940 Bobby Knight
05-Nov-1940 Elke Sommer
15-Nov-1940 Sam Waterston
27-Nov-1940 Bruce Lee
29-Nov-1940 Chuck Mangione
01-Dec-1940 Richard Pryor
21-Dec-1940 Frank Zappa
28-Dec-1940 Don Francisco

09-Jan-1941 Joan Baez
09-Jan-1941 Susannah York
14-Jan-1941 Faye Dunaway
18-Jan-1941 Bobby Goldsboro
21-Jan-1941 Placido Domingo
24-Jan-1941 Neil Diamond
24-Jan-1941 Aaron Neville
30-Jan-1941 Dick Cheney
31-Jan-1941 Richard Gephardt
11-Feb-1941 Segio Mendes
20-Feb-1941 Buffy Sainte-Marie
06-Mar-1941 Willie Stargell
12-Mar-1941 Barbara Feldon
17-Mar-1941 Paul Kantner
18-Mar-1941 Wilson Pickett
06-Apr-1941 Philip Austin
14-Apr-1941 Julie Christie
14-Apr-1941 Pete Rose
20-Apr-1941 Ryan O'Neal
28-Apr-1941 Ann Margret
13-May-1941 Ritchie Valens
19-May-1941 Nora Ephron
22-May-1941 Paul Winfield
24-May-1941 Bob Dylan
31-May-1941 Johnny Paycheck
02-Jun-1941 Stacy Keach
12-Jun-1941 Marv Albert
12-Jun-1941 Chick Corea
22-Jun-1941 Ed Bradley
01-Jul-1941 Twyla Tharp
18-Jul-1941 Martha Reeves
19-Jul-1941 Vikki Carr
30-Jul-1941 Paul Anka
03-Aug-1941 Martha Stewart
14-Aug-1941 Lynne Cheney
14-Aug-1941 David Crosby
29-Aug-1941 Robin Leach
09-Sep-1941 Otis Redding
13-Sep-1941 David Clayton-Thomas
24-Sep-1941 Linda McCartney
03-Oct-1941 Chubby Checker
04-Oct-1941 Anne Rice
08-Oct-1941 Jesse Jackson
09-Oct-1941 Brian Lamb
13-Oct-1941 Paul Simon
25-Oct-1941 Helen Reddy
05-Nov-1941 Art Garfunkel
09-Nov-1941 Tom Fogerty
21-Nov-1941 Juliet Mills
27-Nov-1941 Eddie Rabbit
09-Dec-1941 Beau Bridges
12-Dec-1941 Dionne Warwick
13-Dec-1941 John Davidson
16-Dec-1941 Lesley Stahl
31-Dec-1941 Sarah Miles

02-Jan-1942 Dennis Hastert
08-Jan-1942 Stephen Hawking
17-Jan-1942 Muhammad Ali
19-Jan-1942 Michael Crawford
21-Jan-1942 Mac Davis
26-Jan-1942 Scott Glenn
29-Jan-1942 Katharine Ross
30-Jan-1942 Marty Balin
05-Feb-1942 Roger Staubach
08-Feb-1942 Robert Klein
09-Feb-1942 Carole King
13-Feb-1942 Peter Tork
24-Feb-1942 Joe Lieberman
28-Feb-1942 Brian Jones
07-Mar-1942 Tammy Faye Bakker
11-Mar-1942 Charles W. Swan
25-Mar-1942 Aretha Franklin
26-Mar-1942 Erica Jong
27-Mar-1942 Michael York
03-Apr-1942 Marsha Mason
03-Apr-1942 Wayne Newton
23-Apr-1942 Sandra Dee
24-Apr-1942 Barbra Streisand
26-Apr-1942 Bobby Rydell
05-May-1942 Tammy Wynette
03-Jun-1942 Curtis Mayfield
18-Jun-1942 Roger Ebert
18-Jun-1942 Paul McCartney
20-Jun-1942 Brian Wilson
24-Jun-1942 Mick Fleetwood
24-Jun-1942 Michele Lee
01-Jul-1942 Karen Black
01-Jul-1942 Genevieve Bujold
13-Jul-1942 Harrison Ford
01-Aug-1942 Jerry Garcia
07-Aug-1942 Garrison Keillor
20-Aug-1942 Isaac Hayes
27-Aug-1942 Daryl Dragon
07-Sep-1942 Richard Roundtree
11-Sep-1942 Tom Dreesen
13-Sep-1942 Bela Karolyi
29-Sep-1942 Madeline Kahn
06-Oct-1942 Britt Ekland
15-Oct-1942 Penny Marshall
21-Oct-1942 Judge Judy Sheindlin
22-Oct-1942 Annette Funicello
23-Oct-1942 Michael Crichton
26-Oct-1942 Bob Hoskins
31-Oct-1942 David Ogden Stiers
01-Nov-1942 Larry Flynt
02-Nov-1942 Stefanie Powers
17-Nov-1942 Martin Scorsese
18-Nov-1942 Linda Evans
19-Nov-1942 Calvin Klein
27-Nov-1942 Jimi Hendrix
07-Dec-1942 Harry Chapin
09-Dec-1942 Dick Butkus
11-Dec-1942 Donna Mills
15-Dec-1942 Dave Clark
30-Dec-1942 Michael Nesmith

01-Jan-1943 Don Novello
13-Jan-1943 Richard Moll
19-Jan-1943 Janis Joplin
06-Feb-1943 Fabian
09-Feb-1943 Joe Pesci
21-Feb-1943 David Geffen
25-Feb-1943 George Harrison
25-Feb-1943 Sally Jessy Raphael
27-Feb-1943 Mary Frann
08-Mar-1943 Lynn Redgrave
09-Mar-1943 Bobby Fischer
22-Mar-1943 George Benson
25-Mar-1943 Paul Michael Glaser
26-Mar-1943 Bob Woodward
29-Mar-1943 John Major
31-Mar-1943 Christopher Walken
08-May-1943 Toni Tennille
24-May-1943 Gary Burghoff
25-May-1943 Leslie Uggams
31-May-1943 Sharon Gless
31-May-1943 Joe Namath
13-Jun-1943 Malcolm McDowell
16-Jun-1943 Joan Van Ark
17-Jun-1943 Newt Gingrich
04-Jul-1943 Geraldo Rivera
10-Jul-1943 Arthur Ashe
12-Jul-1943 Christine McVie
22-Jul-1943 Bobby Sherman
26-Jul-1943 Mick Jagger
28-Jul-1943 Bill Bradley
17-Aug-1943 Robert De Niro
18-Aug-1943 Martin Mull
27-Aug-1943 Tuesday Weld
28-Aug-1943 David Soul
30-Aug-1943 Jean-Claude Killy
03-Sep-1943 Valerie Perrine
11-Sep-1943 Lola Falana
12-Sep-1943 Maria Muldaur
19-Sep-1943 "Mama" Cass Elliott
23-Sep-1943 Julio Iglesias
29-Sep-1943 Lech Walesa
30-Sep-1943 Marilyn McCoo
08-Oct-1943 Chevy Chase
08-Oct-1943 R.L. Stine
22-Oct-1943 Catherine Deneuve
05-Nov-1943 Sam Shepard
07-Nov-1943 Joni Mitchell
12-Nov-1943 Wallace Shawn
17-Nov-1943 Lauren Hutton
20-Nov-1943 Veronica Hamel
22-Nov-1943 Billie Jean King
28-Nov-1943 Randy Newman
08-Dec-1943 Jim Morrison
16-Dec-1943 Steven Bochco
18-Dec-1943 Keith Richards
23-Dec-1943 Harry Shearer
27-Dec-1943 Cokie Roberts
31-Dec-1943 John Denver
31-Dec-1943 Ben Kingsley

06-Jan-1944 Bonnie Franklin
09-Jan-1944 Jimmy Page
12-Jan-1944 Joe Frazier
16-Jan-1944 Ronnie Milsap
19-Jan-1944 Shelley Fabares
23-Jan-1944 Rutger Hauer
26-Jan-1944 Angela Davis
31-Jan-1944 Charlie Musselwhite
02-Feb-1944 Graham Nash
06-Feb-1944 Michael Tucker
09-Feb-1944 Alice Walker
13-Feb-1944 Stockard Channing
13-Feb-1944 Jerry Springer
14-Feb-1944 Carl Bernstein
23-Feb-1944 John Sandford
23-Feb-1944 Johnny Winter
01-Mar-1944 Roger Daltrey
02-Mar-1944 Lou Reed
06-Mar-1944 Kiri Te Kanawa
15-Mar-1944 Sly Stone
17-Mar-1944 John Sebastian
21-Mar-1944 Timothy Dalton
26-Mar-1944 Diana Ross
28-Mar-1944 Ken Howard
03-Apr-1944 Tony Orlando
13-Apr-1944 Jack Casady
30-Apr-1944 Jill Clayburgh
14-May-1944 George Lucas
20-May-1944 Joe Cocker
24-May-1944 Patti LaBelle
25-May-1944 Frank Oz
28-May-1944 Rudolph Giuliani
28-May-1944 Gladys Knight
02-Jun-1944 Marvin Hamlisch
04-Jun-1944 Michelle Phillips
08-Jun-1944 Boz Scaggs
21-Jun-1944 Ray Davies
24-Jun-1944 Jeff Beck
29-Jun-1944 Gary Busey
13-Jul-1944 Erno Rubik
15-Jul-1944 Jan-Michael Vincent
27-Jul-1944 Bobbie Gentry
31-Jul-1944 Geraldine Chaplin
09-Aug-1944 Sam Elliott
15-Aug-1944 Linda Ellerbee
30-Aug-1944 Frank "Tug" McGraw
06-Sep-1944 Swoosie Kurtz
12-Sep-1944 Barry White
13-Sep-1944 Jacqueline Bisset
14-Sep-1944 Joey Heatherton
25-Sep-1944 Michael Douglas
26-Sep-1944 Anne Robinson
25-Oct-1944 Jon Anderson
28-Oct-1944 Dennis Franz
10-Nov-1944 Tim Rice
12-Nov-1944 Al Michaels
17-Nov-1944 Danny DeVito
17-Nov-1944 Lorne Michaels
17-Nov-1944 Tom Seaver
21-Nov-1944 Harold Ramis
01-Dec-1944 John Densmore
04-Dec-1944 Dennis Wilson
11-Dec-1944 Brenda Lee
19-Dec-1944 Richard Leakey
19-Dec-1944 Alvin Lee
19-Dec-1944 Tim Reid

03-Jan-1945 Stephen Stills
10-Jan-1945 Rod Stewart
29-Jan-1945 Tom Selleck
04-Feb-1945 David Brenner
06-Feb-1945 Bob Marley
09-Feb-1945 Mia Farrow
06-Mar-1945 Rob Reiner
08-Mar-1945 Micky Dolenz
09-Mar-1945 Robin Trower
20-Mar-1945 Pat Riley
30-Mar-1945 Eric Clapton
31-Mar-1945 Gabe Kaplan
02-Apr-1945 Linda Hunt
13-Apr-1945 Tony Dow
14-Apr-1945 Ritchie Blackmore
24-Apr-1945 Doug Clifford
25-Apr-1945 Stu Cook
25-Apr-1945 Bjorn Ulvaeus
01-May-1945 Rita Coolidge
02-May-1945 Bianca Jagger
06-May-1945 Bob Seger
19-May-1945 Pete Townshend
24-May-1945 Priscilla Presley
28-May-1945 John Fogerty
30-May-1945 Meredith MacRae
11-Jun-1945 Adrienne Barbeau
17-Jun-1945 Art Bell
20-Jun-1945 Anne Murray
25-Jun-1945 Carly Simon
01-Jul-1945 Deborah Harry
06-Jul-1945 Burt Ward
28-Jul-1945 Jim Davis
14-Aug-1945 Steve Martin
31-Aug-1945 Van Morrison
31-Aug-1945 Itzhak Perlman
10-Sep-1945 Jos? Feliciano
19-Sep-1945 Randolph Mantooth
23-Sep-1945 Paul Petersen
01-Oct-1945 Rod Carew
02-Oct-1945 Don McLean
15-Oct-1945 Jim Palmer
19-Oct-1945 Divine
19-Oct-1945 John Lithgow
19-Oct-1945 Jeannie C. Riley
30-Oct-1945 Henry Winkler
12-Nov-1945 Neil Young
15-Nov-1945 Frida Lyngstad
21-Nov-1945 Goldie Hawn
01-Dec-1945 Bette Midler
20-Dec-1945 Peter Criss
22-Dec-1945 Diane Sawyer
25-Dec-1945 Gary Sandy
30-Dec-1945 Davy Jones
31-Dec-1945 Barbara Carrera

03-Jan-1946 John Paul Jones
05-Jan-1946 Diane Keaton
08-Jan-1946 Robby Krieger
11-Jan-1946 Naomi Judd
19-Jan-1946 Dolly Parton
20-Jan-1946 David Lynch
26-Jan-1946 Gene Siskel
14-Feb-1946 Gregory Hines
20-Feb-1946 Sandy Duncan
21-Feb-1946 Tyne Daly
21-Feb-1946 Alan Rickman
22-Feb-1946 Dan Millman
05-Mar-1946 Michael Warren
12-Mar-1946 Liza Minnelli
25-Mar-1946 Bonnie Bedelia
04-Apr-1946 Craig T. Nelson
12-Apr-1946 Ed O'Neill
13-Apr-1946 Al Green
18-Apr-1946 Hayley Mills
19-Apr-1946 Tim Curry
25-Apr-1946 Talia Shire
30-Apr-1946 Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden
02-May-1946 Lesley Gore
09-May-1946 Candice Bergen
10-May-1946 Donovan
18-May-1946 Reggie Jackson
20-May-1946 Cher
07-Jun-1946 Jenny Jones
14-Jun-1946 Donald Trump
17-Jun-1946 Barry Manilow
28-Jun-1946 Gilda Radner
06-Jul-1946 George W. Bush
06-Jul-1946 Sylvester Stallone
13-Jul-1946 Cheech Marin
15-Jul-1946 Linda Ronstadt
20-Jul-1946 Kim Carnes
21-Jul-1946 Kenneth Starr
26-Jul-1946 Helen Mirren
05-Aug-1946 Loni Anderson
14-Aug-1946 Susan St. James
15-Aug-1946 Jim Webb
16-Aug-1946 Lesley Ann Warren
19-Aug-1946 Bill Clinton
20-Aug-1946 Connie Chung
25-Aug-1946 Rollie Fingers
01-Sep-1946 Barry Gibb
05-Sep-1946 Freddie Mercury
05-Sep-1946 Loudon Wainwright III
09-Sep-1946 Billy Preston
15-Sep-1946 Tommy Lee Jones
15-Sep-1946 Oliver Stone
04-Oct-1946 Susan Sarandon
10-Oct-1946 Charles Dance
10-Oct-1946 Ben Vereen
16-Oct-1946 Suzanne Somers
27-Oct-1946 Carrie Snodgress
04-Nov-1946 Laura W. Bush
06-Nov-1946 Sally Field
20-Nov-1946 Duane Allman
28-Nov-1946 Joe Dante
02-Dec-1946 Gianni Versace
12-Dec-1946 Emerson Fittipaldi
14-Dec-1946 Patty Duke
16-Dec-1946 Benny Andersson
18-Dec-1946 Steven Spielberg
19-Dec-1946 Robert Urich
20-Dec-1946 Uri Geller
25-Dec-1946 Jimmy Buffett
28-Dec-1946 Edgar Winter
29-Dec-1946 Marianne Faithfull
30-Dec-1946 Patti Smith

08-Jan-1947 David Bowie
21-Jan-1947 Jill Eikenberry
23-Jan-1947 Dr. Laura Schlessinger
30-Jan-1947 Steve Marriott
31-Jan-1947 Nolan Ryan
02-Feb-1947 Farrah Fawcett
03-Feb-1947 Dave Davies
04-Feb-1947 Dan Quayle
24-Feb-1947 Edward James Olmos
01-Mar-1947 Alan Thicke
10-Mar-1947 Kim Campbell
10-Mar-1947 Bob Greene
14-Mar-1947 Billy Crystal
19-Mar-1947 Glenn Close
25-Mar-1947 Elton John
02-Apr-1947 Emmylou Harris
06-Apr-1947 John Ratzenberger
11-Apr-1947 Meshach Taylor
12-Apr-1947 Tom Clancy
12-Apr-1947 David Letterman
16-Apr-1947 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
18-Apr-1947 James Woods
21-Apr-1947 Iggy Pop
03-May-1947 Doug Henning
16-May-1947 Bob Edwards
29-May-1947 Anthony Geary
21-Jun-1947 Meredith Baxter
21-Jun-1947 Michael Gross
29-Jun-1947 Richard Lewis
09-Jul-1947 O.J. Simpson
10-Jul-1947 Arlo Guthrie
19-Jul-1947 Brian May
20-Jul-1947 Carlos Santana
22-Jul-1947 Albert Brooks
22-Jul-1947 Danny Glover
22-Jul-1947 Don Henley
27-Jul-1947 Betty Thomas
30-Jul-1947 Arnold Schwarzenegger
10-Aug-1947 Ian Anderson
14-Aug-1947 Danielle Steel
22-Aug-1947 Cindy Williams
27-Aug-1947 Barbara Bach
29-Aug-1947 James Hunt
30-Aug-1947 Peggy Lipton
06-Sep-1947 Jane Curtin
14-Sep-1947 Sam Neill
21-Sep-1947 Stephen King
23-Sep-1947 Mary Kay Place
25-Sep-1947 Cheryl Tiegs
27-Sep-1947 Meat Loaf
12-Oct-1947 Chris Wallace
13-Oct-1947 Sammy Hagar
18-Oct-1947 Laura Nyro
24-Oct-1947 Kevin Kline
26-Oct-1947 Hillary Rodham Clinton
26-Oct-1947 Pat Sajak
26-Oct-1947 Jaclyn Smith
29-Oct-1947 Richard Dreyfuss
05-Nov-1947 Peter Noone
25-Nov-1947 John Larroquette
30-Nov-1947 David Mamet
05-Dec-1947 Jim Messina
07-Dec-1947 Johnny Bench
08-Dec-1947 Gregg Allman
26-Dec-1947 Carlton Fisk
29-Dec-1947 Ted Danson

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And for the controversial Boomer/Xer border, here are births from 1955 through 1966:

06-Jan-1955 Rowan Atkinson
12-Jan-1955 Kirstie Alley
18-Jan-1955 Kevin Costner
26-Jan-1955 Eddie Van Halen
09-Feb-1955 Charles Shaughnessy
10-Feb-1955 Greg Norman
12-Feb-1955 Arsenio Hall
19-Feb-1955 Jeff Daniels
19-Feb-1955 Margaux Hemingway
21-Feb-1955 Kelsey Grammer
23-Feb-1955 Howard Jones
24-Feb-1955 Steven Jobs
28-Feb-1955 Gilbert Gottfried
17-Mar-1955 Gary Sinise
19-Mar-1955 Bruce Willis
22-Mar-1955 Lena Olin
28-Mar-1955 Reba McEntire
02-Apr-1955 Dana Carvey
16-Apr-1955 Ellen Barkin
29-Apr-1955 Kate Mulgrew
06-May-1955 Tom Bergeron
16-May-1955 Olga Korbut
16-May-1955 Debra Winger
18-May-1955 Chow Yun-Fat
24-May-1955 Rosanne Cash
25-May-1955 Connie Sellecca
06-Jun-1955 Sandra Bernhard
04-Aug-1955 Billy Bob Thornton
16-Sep-1955 Robin Yount
02-Oct-1955 Lorraine Bracco
07-Oct-1955 Yo-Yo Ma
10-Oct-1955 David Lee Roth
28-Oct-1955 Bill Gates
06-Nov-1955 Maria Shriver
13-Nov-1955 Whoopi Goldberg
29-Nov-1955 Howie Mandel
30-Nov-1955 Billy Idol
06-Dec-1955 Steven Wright
21-Dec-1955 Jane Kaczmarek

03-Jan-1956 Mel Gibson
21-Jan-1956 Robby Benson
24-Feb-1956 Eddie Murray
13-Mar-1956 Dana Delany
12-Apr-1956 Andy Garcia
18-Apr-1956 Eric Roberts
04-May-1956 Pia Zadora
17-May-1956 Sugar Ray Leonard
17-May-1956 Bob Saget
29-May-1956 LaToya Jackson
05-Jun-1956 Kenny G
06-Jun-1956 Bjorn Borg
11-Jun-1956 Joe Montana
24-Jun-1956 Joe Penny
26-Jun-1956 Chris Isaak
01-Jul-1956 Alan Ruck
09-Jul-1956 Tom Hanks
26-Jul-1956 Dorothy Hamill
30-Jul-1956 Delta Burke
05-Aug-1956 Maureen McCormick
19-Aug-1956 Adam Arkin
16-Sep-1956 David Copperfield
16-Sep-1956 Mickey Rourke
22-Sep-1956 Debby Boone
26-Sep-1956 Linda Hamilton
08-Oct-1956 Stephanie Zimbalist
18-Oct-1956 Martina Navratilova
21-Oct-1956 Carrie Fisher
10-Nov-1956 Sinbad
20-Nov-1956 Bo Derek
27-Nov-1956 Rick Rockwell
29-Nov-1956 Jeff Fahey
06-Dec-1956 Peter Buck
07-Dec-1956 Larry Bird

06-Jan-1957 Nancy Lopez
07-Jan-1957 Katie Couric
21-Jan-1957 Geena Davis
23-Jan-1957 Princess Caroline of Monaco
16-Feb-1957 LeVar Burton
18-Feb-1957 Vanna White
10-Mar-1957 Osama bin Laden
20-Mar-1957 Spike Lee
30-Mar-1957 Paul Reiser
12-Apr-1957 Vince Gill
23-Apr-1957 Jan Hooks
29-Apr-1957 Daniel Day-Lewis
29-Apr-1957 Michelle Pfeiffer
10-May-1957 Sid Vicious
10-Jun-1957 Michael Burger
23-Jun-1957 Frances McDormand
09-Jul-1957 Kelly McGillis
21-Jul-1957 Jon Lovitz
09-Aug-1957 Melanie Griffith
28-Aug-1957 Daniel Stern
01-Sep-1957 Gloria Estefan
12-Sep-1957 Rachel Ward
20-Sep-1957 Gary Cole
22-Sep-1957 Nick Cave
30-Sep-1957 Fran Drescher
11-Oct-1957 Dawn French
13-Oct-1957 Chris Carter
23-Oct-1957 Martin Luther King III
01-Nov-1957 Lyle Lovett
27-Nov-1957 Caroline Kennedy
06-Dec-1957 Andrew Cuomo
09-Dec-1957 Donny Osmond
12-Dec-1957 Sheila E.
21-Dec-1957 Ray Romano
30-Dec-1957 Matt Lauer

04-Jan-1958 Matt Frewer
26-Jan-1958 Anita Baker
26-Jan-1958 Ellen DeGeneres
30-Jan-1958 Brett Butler
16-Feb-1958 Ice-T
21-Feb-1958 Alan Trammell
01-Mar-1958 Nik Kershaw
05-Mar-1958 Andy Gibb
10-Mar-1958 Sharon Stone
20-Mar-1958 Holly Hunter
21-Mar-1958 Gary Oldman
03-Apr-1958 Alec Baldwin
21-Apr-1958 Andie Macdowell
28-Apr-1958 Nancy Lee Grahn
23-May-1958 Mitch Albom
23-May-1958 Drew Carey
29-May-1958 Annette Bening
07-Jun-1958 Prince
08-Jun-1958 Keenen Ivory Wayans
08-Jul-1958 Kevin Bacon
09-Jul-1958 Jimmy Smits
11-Jul-1958 Mark Lester
16-Jul-1958 Michael Flatley
31-Jul-1958 Bill Berry
16-Aug-1958 Angela Bassett
16-Aug-1958 Madonna
24-Aug-1958 Steve Guttenberg
28-Aug-1958 Scott Hamilton
29-Aug-1958 Michael Jackson
22-Sep-1958 Andrea Bocelli
27-Sep-1958 Shaun Cassidy
10-Oct-1958 Tanya Tucker
16-Oct-1958 Tim Robbins
17-Oct-1958 Alan Jackson
22-Nov-1958 Jamie Lee Curtis
07-Dec-1958 Edd Hall
17-Dec-1958 Mike Mills
25-Dec-1958 Rickey Henderson

16-Jan-1959 Sade
17-Jan-1959 Susanna Hoffs
22-Jan-1959 Linda Blair
27-Jan-1959 Cris Collinsworth
04-Feb-1959 Lawrence Taylor
16-Feb-1959 John McEnroe
03-Mar-1959 Ira Glass
06-Mar-1959 Tom Arnold
08-Mar-1959 Aidan Quinn
18-Mar-1959 Irene Cara
22-Mar-1959 Matthew Modine
03-Apr-1959 David Hyde Pierce
15-Apr-1959 Emma Thompson
20-Apr-1959 Clint Howard
27-Apr-1959 Sheena Easton
20-May-1959 Bronson Pinchot
22-May-1959 Morrissey
29-May-1959 Adrian Paul
11-Jul-1959 Suzanne Vega
26-Jul-1959 Kevin Spacey
02-Aug-1959 Victoria Jackson
10-Aug-1959 Rosanna Arquette
14-Aug-1959 Earvin "Magic" Johnson
13-Sep-1959 Jean Smart
21-Sep-1959 Dave Coulier
23-Sep-1959 Jason Alexander
13-Oct-1959 Marie Osmond
15-Oct-1959 Sarah Ferguson
15-Oct-1959 Emeril Lagasse
23-Oct-1959 "Weird" Al Yankovic
03-Nov-1959 Dolph Lundgren
05-Nov-1959 Bryan Adams
07-Nov-1959 Keith Lockhart
10-Nov-1959 MacKenzie Phillips
28-Nov-1959 Judd Nelson
21-Dec-1959 Florence Griffith Joyner
30-Dec-1959 Tracey Ullman
31-Dec-1959 Val Kilmer

03-Jan-1960 Joan Chen
04-Jan-1960 Michael Stipe
22-Jan-1960 Michael Kelland Hutchence
24-Jan-1960 Nastassia Kinski
29-Jan-1960 Greg Louganis
07-Feb-1960 James Spader
14-Feb-1960 Meg Tilly
07-Mar-1960 Ivan Lendl
13-Mar-1960 Adam Clayton
17-Mar-1960 Arye Gross
21-Mar-1960 Ayrton Senna da Silva
26-Mar-1960 Marcus Allen
23-Apr-1960 Valerie Bertinelli
23-Apr-1960 Craig Sheffer
09-May-1960 Tony Gwynn
10-May-1960 Paul "Bono" Hewson
28-Jun-1960 John Elway
07-Aug-1960 David Duchovny
10-Aug-1960 Antonio Banderas
16-Aug-1960 Timothy Hutton
17-Aug-1960 Sean Penn
24-Aug-1960 Cal Ripken, Jr.
26-Aug-1960 Branford Marsalis
04-Sep-1960 Damon Wayans
09-Sep-1960 Hugh Grant
14-Sep-1960 Callum Keith Rennie
21-Sep-1960 David James Elliot
22-Sep-1960 Joan Jett
18-Oct-1960 Jean-Claude Van Damme
30-Oct-1960 Diego Armando Maradona
01-Nov-1960 Fernando Valenzuela
17-Nov-1960 RuPaul
18-Nov-1960 Elizabeth Perkins
25-Nov-1960 Amy Grant
25-Nov-1960 John F. Kennedy, Jr.
29-Nov-1960 Cathy Moriarty
03-Dec-1960 Daryl Hannah
03-Dec-1960 Julianne Moore
10-Dec-1960 Kenneth Branagh

02-Jan-1961 Gabrielle Carteris
13-Jan-1961 Julia Louis-Dreyfus
19-Jan-1961 Paul McCrane
26-Jan-1961 Wayne Gretzky
10-Feb-1961 George Stephanopoulos
14-Mar-1961 Kirby Puckett
15-Mar-1961 Fabio
03-Apr-1961 Eddie Murphy
14-Apr-1961 Robert Carlyle
20-Apr-1961 Don Mattingly
30-Apr-1961 Isiah Thomas
06-May-1961 George Clooney
12-May-1961 Ving Rhames
13-May-1961 Dennis Rodman
14-May-1961 Tim Roth
17-May-1961 Enya
29-May-1961 Melissa Etheridge
31-May-1961 Lea Thompson
04-Jun-1961 Sam Harris
09-Jun-1961 Michael J. Fox
14-Jun-1961 Boy George
26-Jun-1961 Greg LeMond
01-Jul-1961 Princess Diana
01-Jul-1961 Carl Lewis
23-Jul-1961 Woody Harrelson
08-Aug-1961 Dave "The Edge" Evans
25-Aug-1961 Billy Ray Cyrus
15-Sep-1961 Dan Marino
16-Sep-1961 Jennifer Tilly
18-Sep-1961 James Gandolfini
22-Sep-1961 Scott Baio
25-Sep-1961 Heather Locklear
30-Sep-1961 Eric Stoltz
11-Oct-1961 Steve Young
18-Oct-1961 Wynton Marsalis
31-Oct-1961 Larry Mullen, Jr.
02-Nov-1961 k.d. lang
12-Nov-1961 Nadia Comaneci
19-Nov-1961 Meg Ryan
22-Nov-1961 Mariel Hemingway
29-Nov-1961 Kim Delaney
15-Dec-1961 Nick Beggs

11-Jan-1962 Kim Coles
17-Jan-1962 Jim Carrey
02-Feb-1962 Michael T. Weiss
05-Feb-1962 Jennifer Jason Leigh
06-Feb-1962 Axl Rose
07-Feb-1962 Garth Brooks
10-Feb-1962 Cliff Burton
02-Mar-1962 Jon Bon Jovi
03-Mar-1962 Jackie Joyner-Kersee
03-Mar-1962 Herschel Walker
04-Mar-1962 Patsy Kensit
12-Mar-1962 Darryl Strawberry
21-Mar-1962 Matthew Broderick
21-Mar-1962 Rosie O'Donnell
30-Mar-1962 M.C. Hammer
12-Apr-1962 Art Alexakis
19-Apr-1962 Al Unser, Jr.
26-Apr-1962 Michael Damian
12-May-1962 Emilio Estevez
06-Jun-1962 Ena
13-Jun-1962 Ally Sheedy
19-Jun-1962 Paula Abdul
03-Jul-1962 Tom Cruise
19-Jul-1962 Anthony Edwards
31-Jul-1962 Wesley Snipes
04-Aug-1962 Roger Clemens
05-Aug-1962 Patrick Ewing
06-Aug-1962 Michelle Yeoh
24-Aug-1962 Craig Kilborn
11-Sep-1962 Kristy McNichol
21-Sep-1962 Rob Morrow
25-Sep-1962 Aida Turturro
26-Sep-1962 Lawrence Leritz
11-Oct-1962 Joan Cusack
13-Oct-1962 Jerry Rice
16-Oct-1962 Flea
19-Oct-1962 Evander Holyfield
26-Oct-1962 Cary Elwes
04-Nov-1962 Ralph Macchio
11-Nov-1962 Demi Moore
18-Nov-1962 Kirk Lee Hammet
19-Nov-1962 Jodie Foster
30-Nov-1962 Bo Jackson
02-Dec-1962 Tracy Austin
16-Dec-1962 William "Refrigerator" Perry

21-Jan-1963 Hakeem Olajuwon
11-Feb-1963 Sheryl Crow
17-Feb-1963 Michael Jordan
19-Feb-1963 Seal
20-Feb-1963 Charles Barkley
04-Mar-1963 Jason Curtis Newsted
08-Mar-1963 Kathy Ireland
16-Mar-1963 Kevin Tod Smith
18-Mar-1963 Vanessa Williams
27-Mar-1963 Quentin Tarantino
27-Mar-1963 Xuxa
04-Apr-1963 David Gavurin
08-Apr-1963 Julian Lennon
13-Apr-1963 Garry Kasparov
18-Apr-1963 Conan O'Brien
26-Apr-1963 Jet Li
11-May-1963 Natasha Richardson
24-May-1963 Joe Dumars
25-May-1963 Mike Myers
09-Jun-1963 Johnny Depp
10-Jun-1963 Elisabeth Shue
15-Jun-1963 Helen Hunt
25-Jun-1963 George Michael
26-Jun-1963 Harriet Wheeler
30-Jul-1963 Lisa Kudrow
01-Aug-1963 Coolio
03-Aug-1963 James Hetfield
09-Aug-1963 Whitney Houston
19-Aug-1963 John Stamos
22-Aug-1963 Tori Amos
01-Oct-1963 Mark McGwire
17-Oct-1963 Norm MacDonald
25-Oct-1963 Tracy Nelson
05-Nov-1963 Tatum O'Neal
04-Dec-1963 Jozef Sabovcik
18-Dec-1963 Brad Pitt
19-Dec-1963 Jennifer Beals
26-Dec-1963 Lars Ulrich

07-Jan-1964 Nicolas Cage
12-Jan-1964 Jeff Bezos
27-Jan-1964 Bridget Fonda
15-Feb-1964 Chris Farley
18-Feb-1964 Matt Dillon
20-Feb-1964 French Stewart
26-Feb-1964 Mark Dacascos
10-Mar-1964 Prince Edward
10-Mar-1964 Jasmine Guy
13-Mar-1964 Will Clark
17-Mar-1964 Rob Lowe
18-Mar-1964 Bonnie Blair
24-Mar-1964 Annabella Sciorra
29-Mar-1964 Elle Macpherson
30-Mar-1964 Ian Ziering
03-Apr-1964 Robert Chapin
07-Apr-1964 Russell Crowe
25-Apr-1964 Hank Azaria
08-May-1964 Melissa Gilbert
26-May-1964 Lenny Kravitz
30-May-1964 Wynonna Judd
15-Jun-1964 Courteney Cox
02-Jul-1964 Jos? Canseco
09-Jul-1964 Courtney Love
20-Jul-1964 Chris Cornell
24-Jul-1964 Barry Bonds
26-Jul-1964 Sandra Bullock
30-Jul-1964 Vivica A. Fox
31-Jul-1964 Jim Corr
05-Aug-1964 Adam Yauch
02-Sep-1964 Keanu Reeves
06-Sep-1964 Rosie Perez
19-Sep-1964 Trisha Yearwood
27-Sep-1964 Stephan Jenkins
28-Sep-1964 Janeane Garofalo
30-Sep-1964 Robby Takac
07-Nov-1964 Dana Plato
11-Nov-1964 Calista Flockhart
16-Nov-1964 Dwight Gooden
22-Nov-1964 Stephen Geoffreys
27-Nov-1964 Robin Givens
04-Dec-1964 Marisa Tomei
08-Dec-1964 Teri Hatcher
18-Dec-1964 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
23-Dec-1964 Eddie Vedder

22-Jan-1965 Diane Lane
01-Feb-1965 Sherilyn Fenn
01-Feb-1965 Brandon Lee
18-Feb-1965 Dr. Dre
01-Mar-1965 Booker T
25-Mar-1965 Sarah Jessica Parker
04-Apr-1965 Robert Downey, Jr.
09-Apr-1965 Paulina Porizkova
16-Apr-1965 Martin Lawrence
09-May-1965 Steve Yzerman
14-May-1965 Jose Da Silveira
17-May-1965 Trent Reznor
27-May-1965 Todd Bridges
31-May-1965 Brooke Shields
17-Jun-1965 Dan Jansen
11-Jul-1965 Lisa Rinna
23-Jul-1965 Slash
31-Jul-1965 J.K. Rowling
06-Aug-1965 David Robinson
24-Aug-1965 Marlee Matlin
28-Aug-1965 Shania Twain
03-Sep-1965 Charlie Sheen
11-Sep-1965 Moby
21-Sep-1965 Darva Conger
25-Sep-1965 Scottie Pippen
05-Oct-1965 Mario Lemieux
23-Oct-1965 Al Leiter
20-Nov-1965 Mike Diamond
21-Nov-1965 Bj?rk
28-Nov-1965 Jon Stewart
30-Nov-1965 Ben Stiller
05-Dec-1965 John Rzeznik
19-Dec-1965 Jessica Steen
21-Dec-1965 Andy Dick

12-Jan-1966 Rob Zombie
07-Feb-1966 Chris Rock
19-Feb-1966 Justine Bateman
20-Feb-1966 Cindy Crawford
24-Feb-1966 Billy Zane
04-Apr-1966 Nancy McKeon
12-May-1966 Stephen Baldwin
16-May-1966 Janet Jackson
10-Jun-1966 Elizabeth Hurley
28-Jun-1966 John Cusack
30-Jun-1966 Mike Tyson
29-Jul-1966 Martina McBride
31-Jul-1966 Dean Cain
19-Aug-1966 LeAnn Womack
09-Sep-1966 Adam Sandler
11-Oct-1966 Luke Perry
31-Oct-1966 Adam Horovitz
12-Nov-1966 David Schwimmer
21-Nov-1966 Troy Aikman
07-Dec-1966 C. Thomas Howell
08-Dec-1966 Sinead O'Connor
21-Dec-1966 Kiefer Sutherland
29-Dec-1966 Bryan "Dexter" Holland

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05-01-2002, 11:26 AM #894

1958 seems fairly Boomer with a few outcasts.
The whole 1959-63 period is hard to see.
1962 brought forth Flea, Carrey, and then 1963 Tarentino.
Thats definitely the leading edge.
Alec Baldwin, Drew Carrey, and Tom Arnold are Boomers.

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05-01-2002, 11:29 AM #895

Doing Stonewall's dirty work for the X/Mill boundary, here are famous people with birth years from 1975 to 1986 (this sample will naturally be much less representative as the primary way teenagers are famous is as pop stars, etc - for example, my 84 cohort is represented by 5 Hollywood actors, 6 musicians, and one prince: not nearly as good a representation!) For these reasons I'm not going to try to come to conclusions at this point about the cohorts (though 75 and 76 are almost definitely X)

03-Jan-1975 Danica McKellar
29-Jan-1975 Sara Gilbert
04-Feb-1975 Natalie Imbruglia
20-Feb-1975 Brian Littrell
22-Feb-1975 Drew Barrymore
05-Mar-1975 Niki Taylor
08-May-1975 Enrique Iglesias
25-May-1975 Lauryn Hill
29-May-1975 Melanie Janine Brown
04-Jun-1975 Angelina Jolie
06-Jun-1975 Staci Keanan
07-Jun-1975 Allen Iverson
27-Jun-1975 Tobey Maguire
30-Jun-1975 Ralf Schumacher
27-Jul-1975 Alex Rodriguez
05-Aug-1975 Kajol
07-Aug-1975 Charlize Theron
29-Aug-1975 Dante Basco
11-Sep-1975 Brad Fischetti
05-Oct-1975 Kate Winslet
12-Oct-1975 Marion Jones
16-Oct-1975 Kellie Martin
08-Nov-1975 Tara Reid
14-Nov-1975 Travis Barker
12-Dec-1975 Mayim Bialik
13-Dec-1975 Tom DeLonge
27-Dec-1975 Heather O'Rourke
30-Dec-1975 Tiger Woods

21-Jan-1976 Emma Lee Bunton
15-Feb-1976 Brandon Boyd
29-Feb-1976 Ja Rule
08-Mar-1976 Freddie Prinze, Jr.
22-Mar-1976 Reese Witherspoon
23-Mar-1976 Keri Russell
24-Mar-1976 Peyton Manning
29-Mar-1976 Jennifer Capriati
06-Apr-1976 Candace Cameron
13-Apr-1976 Jonathan Brandis
18-Apr-1976 Melissa Joan Hart
20-Apr-1976 Joey Lawrence
09-Jul-1976 Fred Savage
08-Aug-1976 J.C. Chasez
08-Aug-1976 Drew Lachey
16-Sep-1976 Tina Barrett
19-Sep-1976 Alison Sweeny
23-Sep-1976 Kip Pardue
04-Oct-1976 Alicia Silverstone
10-Oct-1976 Bob Burnquist
19-Oct-1976 Omar Gooding
21-Oct-1976 Jeremy Miller
25-Nov-1976 Donovan McNabb
27-Nov-1976 Jaleel White

28-Jan-1977 Joey Fatone, Jr.
02-Feb-1977 Shakira
07-Mar-1977 Paul Cattermole
08-Mar-1977 James Van Der Beek
10-Mar-1977 Shannon Miller
18-Mar-1977 Devin Lima
14-Apr-1977 Sarah Michelle Gellar
10-May-1977 Amanda Borden
01-Jul-1977 Liv Tyler
02-Aug-1977 Edward Furlong
23-Aug-1977 Nicole Bobek
31-Aug-1977 Jeff Hardy
13-Sep-1977 Fiona Apple
16-Nov-1977 Oksana Baiul
17-Nov-1977 Laura Wilkinson
19-Nov-1977 Kerri Strug

09-Jan-1978 A.J. McLean
07-Feb-1978 Ashton Kutcher
01-Mar-1978 Jensen Ackles
09-Apr-1978 Rachel Stevens
13-Apr-1978 Kyle Howard
10-May-1978 Kenan Thompson
12-May-1978 Jason Biggs
10-Jun-1978 Shane West
11-Jun-1978 Joshua Jackson
06-Jul-1978 Tia and Tamera Mowry
21-Jul-1978 Josh Hartnett
25-Jul-1978 Louise Brown
23-Aug-1978 Kobe Bryant
25-Aug-1978 Kel Mitchell
27-Aug-1978 Mason Betha
07-Sep-1978 Devon Sawa
10-Oct-1978 Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
09-Nov-1978 Sisqo
24-Nov-1978 Katherine Heigl
02-Dec-1978 Nelly Furtado
18-Dec-1978 Katie Holmes

16-Jan-1979 Aaliyah
24-Jan-1979 Tatyana Ali
29-Jan-1979 Andrew Keegan
08-Feb-1979 Josh Keaton
09-Feb-1979 Mena Suvari
09-Feb-1979 Ziyi Zhang
11-Feb-1979 Brandy
21-Feb-1979 Jennifer Love Hewitt
04-Apr-1979 Heath Ledger
09-Apr-1979 Keshia Knight Pulliam
12-Apr-1979 Claire Danes
19-Apr-1979 Kate Hudson
22-Apr-1979 Daniel Johns
29-Apr-1979 Jo O'Meara
04-May-1979 Lance Bass
28-May-1979 Jesse Bradford
05-Jul-1979 Shane Filan
31-Aug-1979 Chad Brannon
08-Sep-1979 Pink
11-Sep-1979 Ariana Richards
23-Sep-1979 Erik-Michael Estrada
04-Oct-1979 Rachael Leigh Cook
10-Oct-1979 Mya
14-Oct-1979 Usher
24-Oct-1979 Ben Gillies
10-Nov-1979 Chris Joannou
16-Nov-1979 Trevor Penick
22-Nov-1979 Scott Robinson
11-Dec-1979 Rider Strong
14-Dec-1979 Michael Owen

19-Jan-1980 Jenson Button
28-Jan-1980 Nick Carter
11-Feb-1980 Matt Lawrence
12-Feb-1980 Christina Ricci
23-Feb-1980 Tommy McCarthy
27-Feb-1980 Chelsea Clinton
25-Apr-1980 Jacob Underwood
17-Jun-1980 Venus Williams
22-Jun-1980 Eric Stretch
07-Jul-1980 Michelle Kwan
10-Jul-1980 Jessica Simpson
23-Jul-1980 Michelle "My Belle" Williams
12-Aug-1980 Dominique Swain
26-Aug-1980 Macaulay Culkin
04-Sep-1980 Dan Miller
09-Sep-1980 Michelle Williams
13-Sep-1980 Ben Savage
30-Sep-1980 Martina Hingis
13-Oct-1980 Ashanti
24-Oct-1980 Monica
29-Oct-1980 Ben Foster
12-Nov-1980 Ryan Gosling
17-Nov-1980 Isaac Hanson
03-Dec-1980 Anna Chlumsky
02-Dec-1980 Ric Felix
18-Dec-1980 Christina Aguilera

21-Jan-1981 Izabella Miko
22-Jan-1981 Willa Ford
25-Jan-1981 Alicia Keys
28-Jan-1981 Elijah Wood
29-Jan-1981 Jonny Lang
31-Jan-1981 Justin Timberlake
11-Feb-1981 Kelly Rowland
17-Feb-1981 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
11-Mar-1981 LeToya Luckett
28-Mar-1981 Julia Stiles
01-Apr-1981 Hannah Spearitt
19-Apr-1981 Hayden Christensen
28-Apr-1981 Jessica Alba
05-May-1981 Craig David
05-May-1981 Danielle Fishel
07-Jun-1981 Anna Kournikova
07-Jun-1981 Larisa Oleynik
09-Jun-1981 Natalie Portman
10-Jun-1981 Hoku Ho
31-Jul-1981 Eric Lively
01-Aug-1981 Ashley Angel
08-Aug-1981 Vanessa Amorosi
08-Aug-1981 Bradley McIntosh
04-Sep-1981 Beyonc? Knowles
08-Sep-1981 Jonathan Taylor Thomas
26-Sep-1981 Serena Williams
30-Sep-1981 Dominique Moceanu
09-Oct-1981 Zachery Ty Bryan
01-Nov-1981 LaTavia Roberson
02-Dec-1981 Britney Spears
03-Dec-1981 Brian Bonsall
04-Dec-1981 Lila McCann

19-Jan-1982 Jodie Sweetin
03-Mar-1982 Jessica Biel
11-Mar-1982 Thora Birch
29-Mar-1982 Hideaki Takizawa
12-Apr-1982 Riley Smith
26-Apr-1982 Jon Lee
30-Apr-1982 Kirsten Dunst
01-Jun-1982 Danny Zavatsky
10-Jun-1982 Tara Lipinski
10-Jun-1982 Leelee Sobieski
21-Jun-1982 Prince William
24-Jul-1982 Anna Paquin
25-Jul-1982 Brad Renfro
28-Aug-1982 LeAnn Rimes
30-Aug-1982 Andy Roddick
17-Sep-1982 Wade Robson
26-Sep-1982 Christina Milian
30-Sep-1982 Lacey Chabert
03-Oct-1982 Eric Von Detten

14-Mar-1983 Taylor Hanson
30-Mar-1983 Scott Moffatt
10-Apr-1983 Ryan Merriman
02-Jul-1983 Michelle Branch
11-Jul-1983 Marie Serneholt
21-Sep-1983 Joseph Mazzello
29-Oct-1983 Amit Paul

19-Jan-1984 Trever O'Brien
01-Feb-1984 Lee Thompson Young
08-Mar-1984 Bob Moffatt
08-Mar-1984 Clint Moffatt
08-Mar-1984 Dave Moffatt
20-Mar-1984 Christy Carlson Romano
08-Apr-1984 Kirsten Storms
10-Apr-1984 Mandy Moore
24-Jul-1984 Dhani Lennevald
14-Sep-1984 Adam Lamberg
15-Sep-1984 Prince Harry
25-Oct-1984 Sara Lumholdt

07-Feb-1985 Tina Majorino
09-Feb-1985 David Gallagher
16-Sep-1985 Madeline Zima
11-Oct-1985 Michelle Trachtenberg
22-Oct-1985 Zac Hanson
05-Dec-1985 Frankie Muniz

16-Jan-1986 Mason Gamble
21-Feb-1986 Charlotte Church
03-Apr-1986 Amanda Bynes
28-May-1986 Joseph Cross
11-Jun-1986 Shia LaBeouf
13-Jun-1986 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
02-Jul-1986 Lindsay Lohan
04-Nov-1986 Alexz Johnson
17-Dec-1986 Vanessa Zima

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Jan 2002

On 2002-05-01 09:26, God wrote:
1958 seems fairly Boomer with a few outcasts.
I know. I was one of those few outcasts. Oh, well. Water under the bridge, as they say.

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One more thing about this analysis: even if we can draw cutoffs for celebrity cohorts we still won't know where most people in those years fall (are generations determined by the most people or the most famous people? I like to think the former...)

Post#898 at 05-01-2002 01:09 PM by [at joined #posts ]
05-01-2002, 01:09 PM #898

07-Jan-1957 Katie Couric B
21-Jan-1957 Geena Davis B
16-Feb-1957 LeVar Burton honorary X
18-Feb-1957 Vanna White B Oh Vannah :wink:
10-Mar-1957 Osama bin Laden B
20-Mar-1957 Spike Lee B
30-Mar-1957 Paul Reiser B
29-Apr-1957 Daniel Day-Lewis B
29-Apr-1957 Michelle Pfeiffer B
10-May-1957 Sid Vicious Dead
21-Jul-1957 Jon Lovitz B
09-Aug-1957 Melanie Griffith B
28-Aug-1957 Daniel Stern B
01-Sep-1957 Gloria Estefan B
30-Sep-1957 Fran Drescher B
01-Nov-1957 Lyle Lovett B
27-Nov-1957 Caroline Kennedy B
06-Dec-1957 Andrew Cuomo B
09-Dec-1957 Donny Osmond Unknown
12-Dec-1957 Sheila E. J
21-Dec-1957 Ray Romano J
30-Dec-1957 Matt Lauer B
26-Jan-1958 Ellen DeGeneres B 16-Feb-1958 Ice-T J or X
05-Mar-1958 Andy Gibb B
10-Mar-1958 Sharon Stone B
20-Mar-1958 Holly Hunter B
21-Mar-1958 Gary Oldman B or J (being British doesnt make you X
03-Apr-1958 Alec Baldwin B
21-Apr-1958 Andie Macdowell B
23-May-1958 Drew Carey J
29-May-1958 Annette Bening B
07-Jun-1958 Prince B
08-Jun-1958 Keenen Ivory Wayans Honorary Xer
08-Jul-1958 Kevin Bacon B
09-Jul-1958 Jimmy Smits B
16-Aug-1958 Madonna BJ :wink:
24-Aug-1958 Steve Guttenberg B
28-Aug-1958 Scott Hamilton hahahahah
29-Aug-1958 Michael Jackson Weirdo
16-Oct-1958 Tim Robbins B
22-Nov-1958 Jamie Lee Curtis B
17-Jan-1959 Susanna Hoffs J
22-Jan-1959 Linda Blair J
16-Feb-1959 John McEnroe B
06-Mar-1959 Tom Arnold B
08-Mar-1959 Aidan Quinn B
18-Mar-1959 Irene Cara Fame
22-Mar-1959 Matthew Modine X
03-Apr-1959 David Hyde Pierce Frasiers Bro is a B
22-May-1959 Morrissey B
26-Jul-1959 Kevin Spacey B
02-Aug-1959 Victoria Jackson B
14-Aug-1959 Earvin "Magic" Johnson J
21-Sep-1959 Dave Coulier Cut it out!
23-Sep-1959 Jason Alexander B
13-Oct-1959 Marie Osmond J
23-Oct-1959 "Weird" Al Yankovic Definite B
05-Nov-1959 Bryan Adams B (on most xers hit list)
10-Nov-1959 MacKenzie Phillips X
28-Nov-1959 Judd Nelson played an Xer
30-Dec-1959 Tracey Ullman B
31-Dec-1959 Val Kilmer Kind of X-ish

04-Jan-1960 Michael Stipe X
22-Jan-1960 Michael Kelland Hutchence B
07-Feb-1960 James Spader B
14-Feb-1960 Meg Tilly Xish
13-Mar-1960 Adam Clayton No comment
23-Apr-1960 Valerie Bertinelli B
10-May-1960 Paul "Bono" Hewson B
07-Aug-1960 David Duchovny Boomer male
10-Aug-1960 Antonio Banderas B
17-Aug-1960 Sean Penn X
04-Sep-1960 Damon Wayans X
09-Sep-1960 Hugh Grant B
17-Nov-1960 RuPaul Unknown
25-Nov-1960 John F. Kennedy, Jr. Boomer with Xish tendencies
03-Dec-1960 Daryl Hannah Splash :smile:
03-Dec-1960 Julianne Moore B
10-Dec-1960 Kenneth Branagh B
02-Jan-1961 Gabrielle Carteris B

13-Jan-1961 Julia Louis-Dreyfus J
10-Feb-1961 George Stephanopoulos J
03-Apr-1961 Eddie Murphy X
06-May-1961 George Clooney J
13-May-1961 Dennis Rodman X
29-May-1961 Melissa Etheridge J
31-May-1961 Lea Thompson Hot
09-Jun-1961 Michael J. Fox X
14-Jun-1961 Boy George J
23-Jul-1961 Woody Harrelson Xer side of the Jones division
18-Sep-1961 James Gandolfini J
22-Sep-1961 Scott Baio J
25-Sep-1961 Heather Locklear J
30-Sep-1961 Eric Stoltz X
19-Nov-1961 Meg Ryan J

17-Jan-1962 Jim Carrey X
05-Feb-1962 Jennifer Jason Leigh X
06-Feb-1962 Axl Rose X
07-Feb-1962 Garth Brooks J
02-Mar-1962 Jon Bon Jovi J
12-Mar-1962 Darryl Strawberry J
21-Mar-1962 Matthew Broderick X
21-Mar-1962 Rosie O'Donnell J
30-Mar-1962 M.C. Hammer J
12-Apr-1962 Art Alexakis X
12-May-1962 Emilio Estevez X
13-Jun-1962 Ally Sheedy X
19-Jun-1962 Paula Abdul J
03-Jul-1962 Tom Cruise Mav
19-Jul-1962 Anthony Edwards Goose
24-Aug-1962 Craig Kilborn X
11-Oct-1962 Joan Cusack X
16-Oct-1962 Flea X
26-Oct-1962 Cary Elwes J
04-Nov-1962 Ralph Macchio J
11-Nov-1962 Demi Moore J
19-Nov-1962 Jodie Foster J

17-Feb-1963 Michael Jordan X
20-Feb-1963 Charles Barkley X
08-Mar-1963 Kathy Ireland X
16-Mar-1963 Kevin Tod Smith X
27-Mar-1963 Quentin Tarantino X
08-Apr-1963 Julian Lennon X
18-Apr-1963 Conan O'Brien X
25-May-1963 Mike Myers X
09-Jun-1963 Johnny Depp X
15-Jun-1963 Helen Hunt J
25-Jun-1963 George Michael J
30-Jul-1963 Lisa Kudrow X
01-Aug-1963 Coolio X
19-Aug-1963 John Stamos J
22-Aug-1963 Tori Amos X
17-Oct-1963 Norm MacDonald X
18-Dec-1963 Brad Pitt X
26-Dec-1963 Lars Ulrich Dick

07-Jan-1964 Nicolas Cage J
27-Jan-1964 Bridget Fonda X
15-Feb-1964 Chris Farley X
18-Feb-1964 Matt Dillon X
17-Mar-1964 Rob Lowe X
29-Mar-1964 Elle Macpherson X
30-Mar-1964 Ian Ziering X
07-Apr-1964 Russell Crowe X
26-May-1964 Lenny Kravitz X
15-Jun-1964 Courteney Cox X
09-Jul-1964 Courtney Love X
20-Jul-1964 Chris Cornell X
05-Aug-1964 Adam Yauch X
02-Sep-1964 Keanu Reeves X
06-Sep-1964 Rosie Perez X
27-Sep-1964 Stephan Jenkins X
28-Sep-1964 Janeane Garofalo X
07-Nov-1964 Dana Plato X
11-Nov-1964 Calista Flockhart X
27-Nov-1964 Robin Givens X
04-Dec-1964 Marisa Tomei X
23-Dec-1964 Eddie Vedder X

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B= Boomer
J= Joneser
As for the Xer Millie divide.
1979 has some strong Xers pulling (Aaliyah, Pink, Clare Danes, Jesse Camp)
1980-82 is just like our 1960-62 boundary.
1983-86 Is definitely Millennial.
When names like Hanson, Moffatt, and Olsen start popping up in numbers, Id say they are Millies.
As for the assertion that celebrities dont count, celebrities are famous people (duh)
I think since we have so many of them we have a good population.

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On 2002-05-01 11:14, God wrote:
B= Boomer
J= Joneser
As for the Xer Millie divide.
1979 has some strong Xers pulling (Aaliyah, Pink, Clare Danes, Jesse Camp)
1980-82 is just like our 1960-62 boundary.
1983-86 Is definitely Millennial.
When names like Hanson, Moffatt, and Olsen start popping up in numbers, Id say they are Millies.
As for the assertion that celebrities dont count, celebrities are famous people (duh)
I think since we have so many of them we have a good population.
I would like to think that my birth year is more than just pop stars and actors with a little British royalty thrown in... I still believe in the "+3" rule for pop stars because the people they most strongly influence and affect are the ones 2 - 4 years younger for whom the "coolness" factor is strongest (a commercial trying to get an 8-year-old to buy something is most likely going to show people age 10 to 12, capitalizing on that phenomenom), so based on the pop star data I'd say 83 - 85 is the boundary and 86 - 89 is definitely Millennial; celebrities make up so little of our population (BY DEFINITION!) that the way they fit into the saeclum is not nearly as important as whom they influence (how many 83 cohorts or 84 cohorts have you actually seen liking Hanson? no, really... maybe in your realm where the internet was being used in 1992) - I'd say, for example, that Mandy Moore's core audience is not the 84 cohort but the 87 cohort and based on the people I know that sounds about right!