As a few of you noticed, on Friday, June 29, it may have appeared to you that many of the threads were lost on the forums.


Actually, none of the threads were lost. I upgraded the forums to the latest version on Thursday night. Unknown to me, during the upgrade two changes were made to the default way the forums show you the threads.

First, most of the forums were changed to show you only the threads that were active in the previous 24 hours. Second, they were changed to sort the threads alphabetically by thread name.

Neither of these are what most of us want. So, I've gone through and changed the defaults back to show all of the threads and to sort them by the time of the most recent post.

It is important for all of you to know that you can change these options yourself by going to the "User CP" link (for user control panel) and then selecting "Edit Options."

You can change the number of threads that come up (perhaps you want only to see those active the last month), for example. Also, you can change the order the threads are shown by clicking on the links in the title area: clicking on "Thread" changes the sort to alphabetical, clicking "Last Post" will change it to sort by most recent post, clicking the arrow next to that link changes it so you see the forum sorted by the date of the first post.

The vbulletin forums are very flexible and allow you to customize your experience to a much greater extent than the phpbb forums allowed.

As always, if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail or private message.

From now on, I'll make sure these options aren't changed in future upgrades.

My best,

-- Craig