I don't get to this site too much anymore.

I'm pretty busy trying to prepare for the Crisis that is just around the corner.
Got those bank accounts straight? Paid off as much debt as you can? How about that garden? Can you afford to drive to work? Is your job in jeparody yet?

Reading The Fourth Turning, finding this site several years ago, alerted me to what is up ahead.

I still visit, and I'm still interested in "Evidence that we be 4T". And S&H's advice (and the discussions here) about dealing with the years ahead is always valuable. The political discussion (and the snarkiness) is helpful.... it gives me information on who are the good guys and who are the bad.

I hope we are fortunate enough to even have this site available to us as things get worse.

Keep on bitching at each other, but you better be paying attention to what's coming.