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Anniversary Edition Book
Anniversary Edition Book

Vietnam-Buddhism Book
Vietnam-Buddhism Book

Generational Dynamics - Anniversary Edition: Forecasting America's Destiny, 395 pages, January 2020 World View: Vietnam, Buddhism and the Vietnam War: How Vietnam's history made it into an economic powerhouse, 325 pages, April 2021
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China-Japan Book
China-Japan Book

Iran Book
Iran Book

World View: War Between China and Japan: Why America Must Be Prepared, 331 pages, June 2019 World View: Iran's Struggle for Supremacy -- Tehran's Obsession to Redraw the Map of the Middle East, 153 pages, September 2018
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Navigator's book, How To Prepare For The Coming Storms, provides valuable detailed information on what's coming. Much of the information in this book is not available in any form anywhere else. You can obtain a copy of this book by making a $25 donation to the following GoFundMe campaign:
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Web Log
Web Log: Generational analysis of international news and trends.

13-Apr-22 World View -- Brooklyn subway shooter may have been targeting Asians: Analysis by NIH of black hate crimes against Asian American women... (13-Apr-2022)
10-Apr-22 World View -- Ukraine war causes chaos in Asia -- Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines: Ukraine war causes global food and fuel prices to spike... (10-Apr-2022)
3-Apr-22 World View -- History and future of the Russia-Ukraine war: Russia's incompetence in the Ukraine invasion... (3-Apr-2022)
10-Mar-22 World View -- Asian politics confounded by Russia's debacle invasion of Ukraine: South Korea's election of Yoon Suk-yeol moves the country to the right... (10-Mar-2022)
19-Jan-22 World View -- Major escalation in Yemen war as Houthis attack UAE with missiles and drones: Iran's support for the Houthis... (19-Jan-2022)
8-Jan-22 World View -- Kazakhstan protests threaten Russia-China stability in Central Asia: Russia leads five CSTO nations in sending troops into Kazakhstan... (8-Jan-2022)
25-Dec-21 World View -- Merry Christmas! America plays Santa to keep Europe from freezing: Russia cuts natural gas flows to Europe as possible Ukraine extortion ploy... (25-Dec-2021)
25-Nov-21 World View -- Ahmaud Arberry verdict and the KKK Democrats: Kyle Rittenhouse, George Floyd and Darryl Brooks... (25-Nov-2021)
12-Nov-21 World View -- Israel holds joint naval exercises with UAE, Bahrain, affirming Abraham Accords: After one year, the military drills affirm the continuation of Abraham Accords... (12-Nov-2021)
9-Nov-21 World View -- Crisis grows on Poland-Belarus border over weaponized migrants: Lukashenko's revenge following Ryanair plane forced landing... (9-Nov-2021)
8-Nov-21 World View -- Pro- and Anti-Iran violence grows in Iraq as PM survives assassination attempt: Consequences of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88)... (8-Nov-2021)
7-Nov-21 World View -- China's grand geopolitical strategy threatened by Myanmar / Burma civil war: UN warns Myanmar / Burma of 'crimes against humanity'... (7-Nov-2021)
2-Nov-21 World View -- Myanmar/Burma civil war gathers steam as ASEAN watches: Myanmar's ethnic rebel militias fight junta's 'clearance operations'... (2-Nov-2021)
31-Oct-21 World View -- Saudi Arabia expels Lebanon ambassador over Iran's increasing influence: Judge Tarek Bitar the center of the Beirut's October 14 gun battle... (31-Oct-2021)
24-Oct-21 World View -- Myanmar/Burma junta massing troops in northwest, preparing for mass slaughter: ASEAN blocks Myanmar's attendance... (24-Oct-2021)
20-Oct-21 World View -- Investigation of Beirut Lebanon's seaport explosion leads to more violence: Hezbollah threatens large-scale violence... (20-Oct-2021)
11-Oct-21 World View -- Tensions heat up between China and Taiwan: When will the Chinese Communists invade Taiwan?... (11-Oct-2021)
25-Sep-21 World View -- China Evergrande construction firm heads to default: Crypto-currency crackdown... (25-Sep-2021)
17-Sep-21 World View -- ANKUS agreement: US and UK will help Australia build nuclear-powered submarine fleet: Furious reactions from China and France... (17-Sep-2021)
16-Sep-21 World View -- China's Evergrande financial crisis threatens China's financial stability: Will there be a government bailout?... (16-Sep-2021)
7-Sep-21 World View -- Taliban declares total victory in Afghanistan: Did Joe Biden intentionally sabotage the Afghanistan evacuation?... (7-Sep-2021)
23-Aug-21 World View -- The Afghanistan catastrophe: Biden says he is just following Donald Trump's policy... (23-Aug-2021)
12-Aug-21 World View -- Delta variant of Covid-19 spreading much faster than expected: Delta variant spreads across China... (12-Aug-2021)
31-Jul-21 World View -- Wuhan Coronavirus -- Thinking the Unthinkable: The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian (2003)... (31-Jul-2021)
24-Jul-21 World View -- China and Japan significantly escalate military tensions over Taiwan: Japan says 'F--k you China, bring it on'... (24-Jul-2021)
17-Jul-21 World View -- Lebanon's self-destruction continues as government collapses again a year after port disaster: World Bank: Lebanon among the worst economic disasters since 1857... (17-Jul-2021)
15-Jul-21 World View -- South Africa tribal violence spreading and growing: Cuba street protests at start of its generational Crisis era... (15-Jul-2021)
7-Jul-21 World View -- Russia and Tajikistan protect border As Afghan forces collapse under Taliban offensive: Tajikistan mobilizes 20,000 military reservists to Afghan border... (7-Jul-2021)
28-Jun-21 World View -- Japan's plans for defending Taiwan from an attack by China: China's Dong Jingwei defects to the United States... (28-Jun-2021)
24-Jun-21 World View -- Myanmar/Burma army fights new militia in Mandalay as civil war spreads: China's strategic interest in Myanmar / Burma... (24-Jun-2021)
20-Jun-21 World View -- North Korea in crisis, facing 'tense' food shortage and surging food prices: Happy Juneteenth, everyone!... (20-Jun-2021)
15-Jun-21 World View -- The hysteria over inflation in a deflationary era: Understanding inflation, deflation and the CPI... (15-Jun-2021)
1-Jun-21 World View -- Coronavirus coverup unravels in US as China threatens Australia: Evidence grows that Wuhan coronavirus came from Wuhan Virology Lab... (1-Jun-2021)
26-May-21 World View -- The aftermath of the Israel - Gaza war: What did the Israelis accomplish? Mowing the lawn... (26-May-2021)
16-May-21 World View -- Will there be a third Palestinian Intifada?: Can Joe Biden bring peace to the Mideast?... (16-May-2021)
14-May-21 World View -- Communal violence within Israel threatens much wider war: Understanding the mainstream media... (14-May-2021)
11-May-21 World View -- Violence escalates between Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza: Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa Mosque after violent Palestinian protests... (11-May-2021)
3-May-21 World View -- US withdrawal from Afghanistan threatens Central Asia stability: Violence on Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan border worst in 20 years... (3-May-2021)
19-Apr-21 World View -- Britain sends warships to Black Sea amid Russia's military buildup around Ukraine: Britain to send warships to Black Sea after US backs down... (19-Apr-2021)
15-Apr-21 World View -- High farce and tragedy continue in Afghanistan, as Biden announces Sept 11 troop withdrawal: CNN: Biden guided by 'magical thinking' in Afghanistan... (15-Apr-2021)
13-Apr-21 World View -- Investing in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Smart Contracts: Sabotage and fraud in DeFi and Smart Contracts... (13-Apr-2021)
11-Apr-21 World View -- Myanmar ethnic groups in Shan State launch coordinated attack on Burmese military: Peaceful protests continue in cities across Myanmar, heading for catastrophe... (11-Apr-2021)
9-Apr-21 World View -- The Troubles: Violence in Northern Ireland revives as consequence of Brexit: Brief generational history of violence in the Isle of Ireland... (9-Apr-2021)
2-Apr-21 World View -- Russia massing forces on Ukraine border, apparently planning imminent invasion: Russia fires back at reports of a potential invasion of Ukraine... (2-Apr-2021)
29-Mar-21 World View -- Myanmar/Burma protests turn into ethnic civil war: Irony and Karmic retribution... (29-Mar-2021)
28-Mar-21 World View -- North Korea's ballistic missiles stoke the Denuclearization Delusion: Myanmar / Burma becomes toxic and explosive... (28-Mar-2021)
23-Mar-21 World View -- Book Announcement: World View: Vietnam, Buddhism, and the Vietnam War: How Vietnam became an economic powerhouse after the Vietnam War... (23-Mar-2021)
16-Mar-21 World View -- After ten years, Qatar seeks to become Syria war mediator: Syrian war timeline... (16-Mar-2021)
6-Mar-21 World View -- Violence escalates dangerously in Myanmar / Burma: Consequences of a new Burma civil war... (6-Mar-2021)
19-Feb-21 World View -- Afghanistan prepares for war, as Nato postpones military withdrawal decision: Book on history of Vietnam nearing publication... (19-Feb-2021)
8-Feb-21 World View -- Violence feared in Myanmar/Burma as pro-democracy protests grow: Similarity between Burma and Washington DC... (8-Feb-2021)
2-Feb-21 World View -- Myanmar (Burma) military coup as army arrests Aung San Suu Kyi government officials: China may intervene in Myanmar... (2-Feb-2021)
20-Jan-21 World View -- Pompeo bashes China over genocide, virus, Taiwan on last days of Trump administration: China calls Pompeo 'Mr Liar' displaying 'final hysteria'... (20-Jan-2021)
18-Jan-21 World View -- Chaos grows in Afghanistan as American troops leave in hope of delusional peace plan: Iran offers Shia fighters to fight the Taliban and ISIS... (18-Jan-2021)
12-Jan-21 World View -- America and the standard Genocide Playbook: The January 6 attack on the Capitol building by Trump supporters... (12-Jan-2021)
16-Dec-20 World View -- China escalates hostility with Australia through threatened coal ban: China's delusional geopolitical strategy... (16-Dec-2020)
11-Dec-20 World View -- Morocco normalizes ties with Israel in exchange for Western Sahara: Israel's 'pragmatic' foreign policy... (11-Dec-2020)
28-Nov-20 World View -- Australia-China relations become more toxic through boycotts and accusations: China's official list of 14 blunt complaints about Australia's government... (28-Nov-2020)
22-Nov-20 World View -- Afghan 'peace talks' threatened by terrorist rocket attack on Kabul: Conflicting American values in Vietnam and Afghanistan... (22-Nov-2020)
16-Nov-20 World View -- Ethiopia civil war escalates sharply as Tigray Region attacks Eritrea: Generational history of Ethiopia and Eritrea... (16-Nov-2020)
11-Nov-20 World View -- Facing military disaster, Armenia agrees to Russian peace deal with Azerbaijan on Nagorno-Karabakh: Ethiopia civil war threatens to destabilize horn of Africa... (11-Nov-2020)
19-Oct-20 World View -- Thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Bangkok demand reform of Thailand's monarchy: Brief generational history of Thailand... (19-Oct-2020)
11-Oct-20 World View -- Russia mediates humanitarian ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan's objectives... (11-Oct-2020)
28-Sep-20 World View -- Armenia warns of 'full-scale war' with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh: Possible intervention by Turkey and Russia ... (28-Sep-2020)
27-Sep-20 World View -- Lebanon's new prime minister resigns in failure, throwing country into further chaos: President Trump harshly attacks China and World Health Org at UN... (27-Sep-2020)
23-Sep-20 World View -- China crosses and repudiates 'median line' separating China from Taiwan: China's dual-track policy towards Taiwan... (23-Sep-2020)
16-Sep-20 World View -- Economic powerhouse Vietnam scrambles to recover from pandemic setbacks: Marxist Socialism before Marx -- Vietnam's Tay-Son rebellion... (16-Sep-2020)
12-Sep-20 World View -- New 'historic' Israel-Bahrain peace agreement generates controversy: Mideast peace continues to be a fantasy objective... (12-Sep-2020)
6-Sep-20 World View -- India scores tactical victory in Ladakh border conflict, causing fury in China: Comments by Chinese analysts in the media... (6-Sep-2020)
30-Aug-20 World View -- South China Sea: Vietnam prepares new lawsuit against China, as China launches missile barrage: South China Sea tensions soar after China launches missile barrage... (30-Aug-2020)
22-Aug-20 World View -- Hezbollah implicated in catastrophic Beirut Lebanon explosion: Media investigations reveal new facts about the Beirut Lebanon explosion... (22-Aug-2020)
17-Aug-20 World View -- Microsoft's monopolistic practices leave Windows 10 vulnerable to massive hacking attack: The political power of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft... (17-Aug-2020)
14-Aug-20 World View -- Mideast leaders split on Israel-UAE 'historic' peace agreement: Palestinians infuriated by UAE-Israel peace agreement... (14-Aug-2020)
9-Aug-20 World View -- Beirut Lebanon police clash with furious protesters following Tuesday's catastrophic explosion: Why was 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in Beirut's seaport for years?... (9-Aug-2020)
26-Jul-20 World View -- Kremlin shocked by large anti-government protests in Russia's Far East: China's strategy continues to suffer geopolitical reverses... (26-Jul-2020)
17-Jul-20 World View -- Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam now filling with water, alarming Egypt: Lebanon: A country in free fall... (17-Jul-2020)
15-Jul-20 World View -- China, Iran draft 25-year $400 billion trade and military agreement: Iran's Chabahar Port deal with India is at risk... (15-Jul-2020)
8-Jul-20 World View -- Learning to live with Wuhan Coronavirus: The Chinese Communist Party and Wuhan Coronavirus... (8-Jul-2020)
5-Jul-20 World View -- Gleeful China wins big Hong Kong victory at UN Human Rights Council: India's list of China's border disagreements... (5-Jul-2020)
2-Jul-20 World View -- China passes Hong Kong Security Law, arrests hundreds of peaceful protesters: Ladakh: India - China - Pakistan military buildup continues... (2-Jul-2020)
25-Jun-20 World View -- Both India and China reinforce armies in Ladakh, as China makes new claim: Russia will speed up delivery of weapons systems to India... (25-Jun-2020)
19-Jun-20 World View -- Nationwide protests in India demand revenge against China: Brief list of Chinese Communist Party crises... (19-Jun-2020)
13-Jun-20 World View -- China and India mobilize thousands of troops along border in Ladakh: Significance of the Ladakh border confrontation... (13-Jun-2020)
28-May-20 World View -- US sanctions Hong Kong as activists protest 'March of the Volunteers': Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou loses a battle in her extradition fight... (28-May-2020)
24-May-20 World View -- Minister suggests Japan will defend Taiwan against military invasion by China: Japan's pacifist constitution and 'collective self-defense'... (24-May-2020)
22-May-20 World View -- China to pass law threatening full control of Hong Kong: China puts 100 million people under lockdown, as possible virus mutation emerges... (22-May-2020)
17-May-20 World View -- Trump administration will block chip shipments to China's Huawei: Generational Theory: Is nuclear war with China inevitable?... (17-May-2020)
8-May-20 World View -- Milk-Tea twitter war links Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines against China: Milk-Tea War exposes generational split in Thailand... (8-May-2020)
27-Apr-20 World View -- CNBC's Jim Cramer: Hostility to China grows in America: Growing evidence of China's malicious behavior in spreading pandemic... (27-Apr-2020)
19-Apr-20 World View -- How three major 20th century crises are merging into a single mega-crisis today: The Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) hoax... (19-Apr-2020)
27-Mar-20 World View -- Coronavirus pandemic threatens 3.5 million people in Syria's Idlib: Syria admits to first cases of coronavirus -- probably from Iran... (27-Mar-2020)
25-Mar-20 World View -- Trump calls for ending coronavirus lockdowns by Easter, April 12: Pandemic and shutdown surrounded by political controversies... (25-Mar-2020)
22-Mar-20 World View -- Today's Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic vs 1918 Spanish Flu : Why the Covid-19 crisis won't be over by summer... (22-Mar-2020)
17-Mar-20 World View -- Stock market plunges 13% on Monday, as investors begin to accept reality: Some possible good news: The Real Economy... (17-Mar-2020)
14-Mar-20 World View -- Iran's army to monitor entire population for Wuhan Coronavirus: Iran and China call Wuhan Coronavirus a US Army bioweapon... (14-Mar-2020)
6-Mar-20 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan travels to Moscow to beg Russia's Putin for Idlib ceasefire deal: European Union reaction to Idlib crisis... (6-Mar-2020)
2-Mar-20 World View -- Coronavirus updates -- infections spread across the world: Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) observations... (2-Mar-2020)
27-Feb-20 World View -- India's 1947 Partition War being refought as Delhi riots spread: The generational 'Democide Pattern'... (27-Feb-2020)
21-Feb-20 World View -- Planning for Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19): V-Shaped Recovery -- learning from the financial crisis... (21-Feb-2020)
20-Feb-20 World View -- Iranian nationals in Qoms die of coronavirus: Syria war in Idlib close to explosion... (20-Feb-2020)
16-Feb-20 World View -- US and Taliban to sign laughable 'reduction in violence' agreement in Afghanistan: The year of laughable peace agreements... (16-Feb-2020)
11-Feb-20 World View -- Syria war escalates into new phase with military clashes between al-Assad and Turkey: Russia will finally be forced to choose sides -- between al-Assad and Turkey... (11-Feb-2020)
9-Feb-20 World View -- Turkey sends tanks across border into Syria to confront al-Assad regime in Idlib: Turkey, Syria, Russia: The next steps in Idlib... (9-Feb-2020)
6-Feb-20 World View -- Israeli diplomat reveals Israel's startling new 'pragmatic' foreign policy: Implications of Israel's new 'pragmatic' policy... (6-Feb-2020)
4-Feb-20 World View -- China's Foreign Ministry blames America for coronavirus 'panic': The Timeline for the coming months... (4-Feb-2020)
2-Feb-20 World View -- Wuhan coronavirus hits China's economy hard, threatens world economy: Investors nervous as China's stock market to reopen on Monday... (2-Feb-2020)
29-Jan-20 World View -- Trump announces fantasy 'Peace to Prosperity' Mideast peace plan: The Mideast peace process fantasy... (29-Jan-2020)
25-Jan-20 World View -- China's coronavirus threatens Xi Jinping's Mandate from Heaven: China's coronavirus spreads across China and around the world... (25-Jan-2020)
19-Jan-20 World View -- Violence surges in street protests in Lebanon as economy collapses: Multi-sectarian rioters protest 'confessional' government... (19-Jan-2020)
17-Jan-20 World View -- US and China sign Phase I of the US-China trade deal: Cracking down on Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba and Shopify... (17-Jan-2020)
13-Jan-20 World View -- In historic reversal, Iran admits shooting down passenger plane: Iran's 'Vietcong Tet Offensive'... (13-Jan-2020)
11-Jan-20 World View -- Taiwan's pro-independence party expected to win Saturday presidential elections: Hong Kong chaos boosts Tsai Ing-wen and DPP in Taiwan... (11-Jan-2020)
4-Jan-20 World View -- Iran faces tough choices after Soleimani assassination: Iran's disastrous miscalculation after 40 years of war... (4-Jan-2020)
1-Jan-20 World View -- US sends troops to Baghdad to defend embassy from Iranian rioters: The link to the 1979 attack on US embassy in Tehran... (1-Jan-2020)
31-Dec-19 World View -- American airstrikes on Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah provoke international fury: Iran may have purposely baited the Americans to make the airstrikes... (31-Dec-2019)
29-Dec-19 World View -- Turkey to send Syrian anti-Assad rebels to Libya: The genocide and ethnic cleansing continue in Idlib, Syria... (29-Dec-2019)
26-Dec-19 World View -- Turkey, Russia and Greece face off in Syria, Libya and the eastern Mediterranean: Turkey's Erdogan threatens Greece and Europe with Idlib refugees... (26-Dec-2019)
22-Dec-19 World View -- Syria, Russia veto humanitarian aid to Idlib as civilian massacre escalates: ... (22-Dec-2019)
21-Dec-19 World View -- War in Libya escalates as Tripoli receives military aid from Turkey: Turkey-Libya maritime agreement threatens Egypt, Greece, Cyprus... (21-Dec-2019)
19-Dec-19 World View -- Escalated bombing by Syria, Russia in Idlib sends tens of thousands to Turkey border: The complex ménage à trois relationship - Syria, Russia, Turkey - under stress... (19-Dec-2019)
17-Dec-19 World View -- India's Citizenship Bill riots evoke memories of the 1947 Partition War: Riots spread across India along Hindu-Muslim fault line... (17-Dec-2019)
16-Dec-19 World View -- Why we can never prevail in Afghanistan: 'Afghan Papers' reveal we sent 175,000 soldiers into Afghanistan without 'foggiest notion' what we were doing... (16-Dec-2019)
15-Dec-19 World View -- US envoy visits S. Korea to prepare for North Korea 12/31 threat: China's confused response to the North Korean threat... (15-Dec-2019)
9-Dec-19 World View -- Hong Kong holds massive peaceful pro-democracy demonstration: Protesters renew their 'five demands, not one less' chants... (9-Dec-2019)
2-Dec-19 World View -- Massive measles epidemic joins Ebola as health crises in DR Congo: Civilians attack UN peacekeeping missions in DR Congo for failure to protect them... (2-Dec-2019)
29-Nov-19 World View -- Spiraling bloodbath in Iraq, as anti-Iran and anti-government riots spread: Protesters demand restructuring Iraq's 'confessional' government... (29-Nov-2019)
25-Nov-19 World View -- Historic Hong Kong elections throw relations with China mainland into disarray: Taiwan's separatists boosted by Hong Kong election... (25-Nov-2019)
18-Nov-19 World View -- Trove of leaked China documents detail jailing of Xinjiang's Muslim Uighurs: Uighurs after 're-education': prison, death or enslavement?... (18-Nov-2019)
15-Nov-19 World View -- Ouster of Bolivia's president Evo Morales evokes memories of Ché Guevara: Racial division in Latin America... (15-Nov-2019)
3-Nov-19 World View -- Anti-Iran, anti-government protests spread across Iraq: Confessional governments in Lebanon and Iraq... (3-Nov-2019)
26-Oct-19 World View -- Mike Pence harshly criticizes China as US bans Chinese surveillance equipment: Backlash grows against Chinese surveillance and AI equipment... (26-Oct-2019)
21-Oct-19 World View -- Massive anti-government street protests paralyze Lebanon: Brief generational history of Lebanon... (21-Oct-2019)
18-Oct-19 World View -- Generational analysis of Turkey-Syria war and ceasefire agreement: Will there be a war between Turkey and Russia?... (18-Oct-2019)
13-Oct-19 World View -- Ecuador's president Moreno imposes curfew after 10 days of violent protests: China deploys mass surveillance spy system in Ecuador... (13-Oct-2019)
11-Oct-19 World View -- Turkey defends Syria invasion, despite almost universal condemnation: Turkey's Erdogan responds to European Union's threat with his own threat... (11-Oct-2019)
8-Oct-19 World View -- Turkey poised to invade Syria to set up 'safe zone': Donald Trump announces troop withdrawal from Syria... (8-Oct-2019)
2-Oct-19 World View -- Teenage protester shot by policeman in Hong Kong's worst day of violence: Hong Kong violence may be reaching a boiling point... (2-Oct-2019)
27-Sep-19 World View -- The fraud of France's Jacques Chirac in the Iraq war: Jacques Chirac and Saddam Hussein's Oil-for-Food scam... (27-Sep-2019)
25-Sep-19 World View -- The Brexit comedy continues as the UK Supreme Court repudiates Boris Johnson: The default solution: No-deal Brexit... (25-Sep-2019)
22-Sep-19 World View -- Kids protest worldwide in new Children's Crusade against climate change: Earth Day, 1970 -- déjà vu all over again... (22-Sep-2019)
18-Sep-19 World View -- Asian countries concerned about oil price spike after attack on Saudi facilities: Identifying Iran as the perpetrator... (18-Sep-2019)
15-Sep-19 World View -- Mideast tensions grow over Saudi drone attack and missile attacks on Idlib, Syria: Syria regime increases bombing of hospitals in Idlib... (15-Sep-2019)
11-Sep-19 World View -- Donald Trump fires John Bolton over Afghanistan 'Peace Negotiations': End of relationship with Breitbart... (11-Sep-2019)
2-Sep-19 World View -- Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon border clash fizzles quickly, no repeat of 2006 war: Israel's drone strike on Beirut targeted Iran's guided missile components... (2-Sep-2019)
31-Aug-19 World View -- Russia declares farcical 'ceasefire' as Syrians try to storm Turkey border post: Mainland China troops poised to crush Hong Kong protesters... (31-Aug-2019)
23-Aug-19 World View -- Syria regime wins major victory in Idilb, after attacking Turkish military convoy: Russia admits its ground troops are fighting in Idlib... (23-Aug-2019)
16-Aug-19 World View -- US-China trade war seriously disrupts world trade: Planning for the future in a chaotic world... (16-Aug-2019)
10-Aug-19 World View -- Pakistan-India relations downgraded as Kashmir is locked down: Pakistan furious at the revocation of Article 370... (10-Aug-2019)
3-Aug-19 World View -- Japan-Korea relations deteriorate quickly after surprise trade standoff: South Korea's Moon: 'We won't be defeated again' by Japan... (3-Aug-2019)
31-Jul-19 World View -- China claims Muslim Uighurs released from concentration camps: From 'Re-education' to slave labor... (31-Jul-2019)
17-Jul-19 World View -- Japan - South Korea trade dispute worsens: Roots of the Japan-Korea dispute... (17-Jul-2019)
12-Jul-19 World View -- Syria war may be fizzling, as al-Assad 'hits a wall' in Idlib: Does the Syria war have a political solution?... (12-Jul-2019)
10-Jul-19 World View -- US approves sophisticated weapons sales to Taiwan, despite China's fury: Pundits fear conflict with US-China trade talks... (10-Jul-2019)
4-Jul-19 World View -- UK-China war of words escalates sharply over Hong Kong riots: Did China set a trap for the protesters?... (4-Jul-2019)
3-Jul-19 World View -- Vietnam to gain from collapse of US-China trade talks: North vs South Vietnam... (3-Jul-2019)
30-Jun-19 World View -- MIT criticizes 'toxic atmosphere' targeting Chinese students: American attitudes towards the Chinese... (30-Jun-2019)
28-Jun-19 World View -- Book Announcement: World View: War between China and Japan - by John J. Xenakis: Why America must be prepared... (28-Jun-2019)
22-Jun-19 World View -- Hong Kong protests show historic split between northern and southern China: Comparisons with 1989 Tiananmen Square riots cause anxiety in Beijing... (22-Jun-2019)
29-Apr-19 World View -- South Korea's weapons industry boosted by end of North's 'Charm Offensive': South Korea's network of anti-missile defenses... (29-Apr-2019)
25-Apr-19 World View -- ISIS claims credit for Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombing: Sri Lankans fear a return to the civil war... (25-Apr-2019)
14-Feb-19 World View -- India's Open Magazine: The West gets constantly surprised by Iran: Coming soon: World View: The Conflict between China and Japan, by John J. Xenakis... (14-Feb-2019)
27-Jan-19 World View -- George Soros speech at Davos marks significant global shift against China: Reformulation of daily World View articles... (27-Jan-2019)
20-Jan-19 World View -- Suspension of daily World View articles: South Korea vs Japan military 'radar lock' feud continues to escalate... (20-Jan-2019)
19-Jan-19 World View -- Ebola outbreak in DR Congo now spreading exponentially faster: Local DRC population giving little cooperation to health officials... (19-Jan-2019)
18-Jan-19 World View -- Zimbabwe returns to violence of Mugabe era with police beatings and abductions: It's possible that Mnangagwa is changing Zimbabwe, making it worse... (18-Jan-2019)
17-Jan-19 World View -- Cambodia's Hun Sen threatens to kill opposition politicians if EU ends preferences: Brief generational history of Cambodia... (17-Jan-2019)
16-Jan-19 World View -- Somalia terror group al-Shabaab attacks Nairobi, Kenya, hotel complex: Al-Shabaab continues to threaten eastern Africa... (16-Jan-2019)
15-Jan-19 World View -- Kenya's leaked BRI contract reveals shocking China debt trap details: Uganda's auditor warns that Uganda may be in similar China debt trap as Kenya... (15-Jan-2019)
14-Jan-19 World View -- Greece's government in crisis over Prespa Agreement to change name of Macedonia: Macedonia's parliament approves country's name change to North Macedonia... (14-Jan-2019)
13-Jan-19 World View -- India-Iran and Saudi-Pakistan alliances form and strengthen in Asia: India takes over operations at Iran's Chabahar port, despite US sanctions... (13-Jan-2019)
12-Jan-19 World View -- China's economy destabilizes as Huawei introduces cheap smartphone: Poland arrests Huawei employee on spying allegations... (12-Jan-2019)
11-Jan-19 World View -- Malta takes in 49 migrants after deal with EU that infuriates Italy: Malta - EU migrant deal splits Italy's government... (11-Jan-2019)
10-Jan-19 World View -- Trump signs Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA), focusing US military on China: China threatens retaliation if US implements ARIA in Taiwan... (10-Jan-2019)
9-Jan-19 World View -- WSJ: China used bribery, corruption and 'leverage on other nations' in Malaysia's 1MDB scandal: Malaysia's '1MDB scandal' continues to grow as biggest financial scandal in world history... (9-Jan-2019)
8-Jan-19 World View -- Gabon has failed coup attempt as US troops arrive for DR Congo mission: Brief generational history of Gabon... (8-Jan-2019)
7-Jan-19 World View -- Hamas vs Fatah relationship deteriorates sharply on Palestinian anniversary: Bomb disposal robot detonates object carried into Israel by helium balloons... (7-Jan-2019)
6-Jan-19 World View -- Trump announces that US troops will be sent to DR Congo: DR Congo delays releasing election results again... (6-Jan-2019)
5-Jan-19 World View -- Myanmar (Burma) Buddhist separatists in Arakan Army in Rakhine State kill 13 policemen: EU considers revoking Myanmar's trade preferences because of Rohingya genocide... (5-Jan-2019)
4-Jan-19 World View -- Britain may establish a military base in South China Sea after Brexit: US State Dept issues elevated travel warning for China... (4-Jan-2019)
3-Jan-19 World View -- China may seize Kenya's Mombasa Port as debt repayments triple: Kenya's debt repayments to China triple in July... (3-Jan-2019)
2-Jan-19 World View -- Brexit chaos entangles issue of Iranian migrants crossing English Channel: Brexit chaos continues as Britain heads for March 29 cliff... (2-Jan-2019)
1-Jan-19 World View -- Generational Dynamics 2019 Forecast: The Camel versus the Can: The future of Generational Dynamics... (1-Jan-2019)
31-Dec-18 World View -- Burundi's president Nkurunziza says Rwanda is no longer a partner but an enemy: Fears grow of a new Hutu-Tutsi war... (31-Dec-2018)
30-Dec-18 World View -- Xi Jinping's speech on 'the humiliation of the Chinese nation for centuries': China's history since the May Fourth Movement... (30-Dec-2018)
29-Dec-18 World View -- DR Congo in election chaos, as Ebola continues to spread: DRC anti-government protesters attack Ebola clinic in Beni... (29-Dec-2018)
28-Dec-18 World View -- UAE reopens embassy in Syria to counter influence from Iran: Arabs scramble to regain influence in Syria... (28-Dec-2018)
27-Dec-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela's oil output plummets as refugee outflow surges: UN prepares Venezuelan refugee crisis, the largest in modern Latin American history... (27-Dec-2018)
26-Dec-18 World View -- Sudan police crack down violently against anti-government protesters : Recent generational history of Sudan... (26-Dec-2018)
25-Dec-18 World View -- Christmas in Bethlehem is the biggest in years: DJIA falls 650 points on Monday... (25-Dec-2018)
24-Dec-18 World View -- Generational Dynamics analysis of the troop withdrawal from Syria: The future of Generational Dynamics... (24-Dec-2018)
23-Dec-18 World View -- Al-Shabaab double bombing kills 16 people in Mogadishu, Somalia: Somalia's 'Black Hawk Down' event affects US policy today... (23-Dec-2018)
22-Dec-18 World View -- China's CPEC project in Pakistan turns military, marginalizing Balochistan: NY Times: CPEC in Pakistan will build military jets and weaponry for China... (22-Dec-2018)
21-Dec-18 World View -- China hackers collect data on hundreds of millions of Americans and Westerners: Steve Bannon: Chinese engineers working on American weapons systems... (21-Dec-2018)
20-Dec-18 World View -- DR Congo's Kabila manipulates election to stay in power as Ebola spreads: Ebola outbreak in DR Congo worsens... (20-Dec-2018)
19-Dec-18 World View -- Ceasefire in Hodeidah seaport in Yemen war holds on the first day: The Jamal Khashoggi murder continues to affect the Yemen war... (19-Dec-2018)
18-Dec-18 World View -- Kashmir locked down after Indian security forces kill seven civilians: India's 'Operation all-out' to continue as more young Kashmiris become militants... (18-Dec-2018)
17-Dec-18 World View -- North Korea threatens US with 'exchanges of fire' over new human rights sanctions: Japan-Korea relations worsen over 'comfort women' issue... (17-Dec-2018)
16-Dec-18 World View -- Cambodia denies major China-funded seaport project is a military base: Cambodia is becoming increasingly Chinese and military... (16-Dec-2018)
15-Dec-18 World View -- Russian Orthodox Church asks world leaders to protect it from Ukrainian persecution: Military tensions between Ukraine and Russia are increasing... (15-Dec-2018)
14-Dec-18 World View -- Cuba eases economic restrictions, continuing on path from Socialism to free markets: The unraveling of Cuba's Socialist economy... (14-Dec-2018)
13-Dec-18 World View -- China recklessly arrests a second Canadian without justification: Google CEO Sundar Pichai evades questions about helping China's military... (13-Dec-2018)
12-Dec-18 World View -- China jails Canadian journalist Michael Kovrig in apparent retaliation for Canada arrest of Meng Wanzhou: Canada releases Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou on bail... (12-Dec-2018)
11-Dec-18 World View -- Ebola in DR Congo spreads southward to large cities: Uganda and South Sudan vaccinate health workers against Ebola... (11-Dec-2018)
10-Dec-18 World View -- Japan invites hundreds of thousands of foreigners to work in Japan: Analyzing the generational history of an insular Japan... (10-Dec-2018)
9-Dec-18 World View -- Latest South Sudan peace agreement appears close to collapse: Brief generational history of South Sudan and Dinka-Nuer clashes... (9-Dec-2018)
8-Dec-18 World View -- Arrest of Meng Wanzhou of China's Huawei has increasingly serious implications: The story of Stern Hu, an employee of Australian mining company Rio Tinto... (8-Dec-2018)
7-Dec-18 World View -- Canada arrests the chief financial officer of China powerhouse Huawei: English-speaking 'Five Eyes' countries are banning Huawei products... (7-Dec-2018)
6-Dec-18 World View -- New head of US Central Command says Afghanistan war is unsustainable: DJIA plunges 800 points on Tuesday... (6-Dec-2018)
5-Dec-18 World View -- Ukraine and Turkey develop closer relationship amid Russia's aggression: Russia 'partially unblocks' Ukraine's ports... (5-Dec-2018)
4-Dec-18 World View -- Qatar withdraws from Saudi Arabia-led OPEC: The split deepens between Saudi Arabia and Qatar... (4-Dec-2018)
3-Dec-18 World View -- Measles outbreaks in New York, Israel blamed on 'anti-vax' movement: Dozens of reported measles cases in Israel, New York and New Jersey, as disease spreads... (3-Dec-2018)
2-Dec-18 World View -- Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agree to a 90 day moratorium in trade war: G-20 Summit meeting in Buenos Aires ends with multiple compromises... (2-Dec-2018)
1-Dec-18 World View -- Evidence grows of Assad's 'final solution', extermination of Arab Sunnis in Syria: Al-Assad issues citizenship cards to Iranian and Hezbollah Shias... (1-Dec-2018)
30-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan and India agree to support Sikhs, as separatist violence surges in Kashmir: India and Pakistan approve the Kartarpur Corridor, connecting Sikh shrines... (30-Nov-2018)
29-Nov-18 World View -- New climate change report shows countries are failing to meet commitments: China building a 'tsunami' of coal-powered plants across Asia... (29-Nov-2018)
28-Nov-18 World View -- Bitcoin bubble and China's Belt and Road bubble both appear to be crashing: Bitcoin super-bubble implodes and crashes below $4,000... (28-Nov-2018)
27-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan fails to get agreement from IMF for a bailout: Pakistan turns to its 'friends' for aid... (27-Nov-2018)
26-Nov-18 World View -- Russia attacks Ukraine's navy and blockades Ukraine's ports at Kerch Strait: Russia confirms the attack on the Ukrainian ships... (26-Nov-2018)
25-Nov-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela oil production in 'free fall' as infrastructure collapses: Russia rebukes Venezuela for non-payment... (25-Nov-2018)
24-Nov-18 World View -- Maldives can't determine how much money it owes to China: Constitutional crisis continues in Sri Lanka over China-India competition... (24-Nov-2018)
23-Nov-18 World View -- Zimbabwe proposes to compensate white farmers as hyperinflation returns: Hyperinflation returns to Zimbabwe... (23-Nov-2018)
22-Nov-18 World View -- Fourteen companies in France on trial over Iraq war oil-for-food corruption: Iraq War and the 58 Year Hypothesis... (22-Nov-2018)
21-Nov-18 World View -- Philippines president Duterte renews policy of China appeasement: New survey shows that Philippine people are anti-Chinese, pro-American... (21-Nov-2018)
20-Nov-18 World View -- Migrant caravans creating chaos and hostility in Mexico: People of Mexico are increasingly split between xenophobia and sympathy toward migrants... (20-Nov-2018)
19-Nov-18 World View -- APEC meeting ends in disarray after harsh US-China disagreements: Aggressive behavior of China's officials raises concerns about security... (19-Nov-2018)
18-Nov-18 World View -- Cuba to pull thousands of doctors out of Brazil after right-wing Jair Bolsonaro wins election: Jair Bolsonaro moves Brazil sharply to the right... (18-Nov-2018)
17-Nov-18 World View -- North Korea 'Charm Offensive' appears to have run its course: North Korea announces a 'Newly Developed Tactical Weapon'... (17-Nov-2018)
16-Nov-18 World View -- Fifteen countries challenge China's human rights in Xinjiang province: China's crackdown on religions continues... (16-Nov-2018)
15-Nov-18 World View -- China and Australia compete for influence at APEC meeting in Papua New Guinea (PNG): 500 US marines and other foreign troops arrive in PNG for APEC meeting... (15-Nov-2018)
14-Nov-18 World View -- Italy's Libya peace talk conference ends in drama but no resolution: Split in Libya reflects the fault line in the Arab world... (14-Nov-2018)
13-Nov-18 World View -- Eight people killed in botched Israeli military operation in Gaza: Palestinians demand 'revenge', but Hamas backs off from war... (13-Nov-2018)
12-Nov-18 World View -- North Korea plays hardball to get sanctions lifted: North Korea - South Korea reunification talks continue... (12-Nov-2018)
11-Nov-18 World View -- Qatar provides $15 million in aid to Gaza, will mediate electricity issues and Cyprus seaport: Israel and Qatar agree to a sea route between Gaza and Cyprus... (11-Nov-2018)
10-Nov-18 World View -- China and India compete for influence in Sri Lanka and Maldives constitutional crises: Sri Lanka constitutional crisis grows as president dissolves parliament... (10-Nov-2018)
9-Nov-18 World View -- Venezuela's refugees crisis soars, as economic disaster reaches new levels: Number of migrants leaving Venezuela reaches three million... (9-Nov-2018)
8-Nov-18 World View -- The Jamal Khashoggi murder changes the direction of the Yemen war: Yemen war violence intensifies as 30-day ceasefire deadline approaches... (8-Nov-2018)
7-Nov-18 World View -- Suspicions grow about Russia's Wagner PMC mercenary group in Central African Republic: Over 10,000 people displaced by new fighting in Central African Republic civil war... (7-Nov-2018)
6-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan's Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claims credit for killing CPEC workers: Questions raised about planned China military naval base in Jiwani... (6-Nov-2018)
5-Nov-18 World View -- US and South Korea resume some military marine drills, despite North's objections: Disarmament proceeds along North-South Korea border, opposed by US... (5-Nov-2018)
4-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan government capitulates to Barelvi/TLP terrorists, doesn't free Asia Bibi: Questions about Mohammed's covenant with Christians and Christianity... (4-Nov-2018)
3-Nov-18 World View -- Australia moves migrant children from Nauru immigration camps to Australia: Officials of Nauru infuriated by the contemptuous remarks by NGOs and politicians... (3-Nov-2018)
2-Nov-18 World View -- EU splits on Iran sanctions after assassination attempt in Denmark: Trump's Iran sanctions, announced in May, scheduled for Sunday... (2-Nov-2018)
1-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan court reaffirms Mohammed's covenant with Christianity, acquits Asia Bibi of blasphemy: Asia Bibi acquittal triggers widespread riots and terrorist threats... (1-Nov-2018)
31-Oct-18 World View -- Sri Lanka constitutional crisis represents opportunity for China: Mahinda Rajapaksa's return to power will be welcomed by China... (31-Oct-2018)
30-Oct-18 World View -- Thailand and Thaksin Shinawatra prepare for new national elections: Brief generational history of Thailand... (30-Oct-2018)
29-Oct-18 World View -- Islamic Jihad agrees to Egypt-sponsored ceasefire in Gaza after night of terror: Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) accepts the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire... (29-Oct-2018)
28-Oct-18 World View -- Syria peace summit issues delusional call for political solution in Idlib: Remembering previous Syria 'peace conferences' and 'peace plans'... (28-Oct-2018)
27-Oct-18 World View -- China, facing Trump's trade challenge, appears to mend ties with Japan: China and Japan's 'marriage of convenience' limited by bitter history... (27-Oct-2018)
26-Oct-18 World View -- Mike Pence's China 'containment' speech signals more contentious US-China relations: Post-war speeches by Churchill and Kennan defined 'containment' policy for Soviet Union... (26-Oct-2018)
25-Oct-18 World View -- Pakistan's 'desperate' Imran Khan attends Saudi investment summit amid Khashoggi crisis: Imran Khan considers the options in asking the IMF for a loan... (25-Oct-2018)
24-Oct-18 World View -- European Commission rebukes Italy, after blatant budget rules violation: Greece's elderly still face possible pension cuts in January... (24-Oct-2018)
23-Oct-18 World View -- Trump targets China by cancelling arms control treaty with Russia: China warns that the decision will 'cause many negative effects'... (23-Oct-2018)
21-Oct-18 World View -- Pro-independence rallies in Taiwan press for faster separation from China: China's deal with the Vatican stirs concerns in Taiwan... (21-Oct-2018)
20-Oct-18 World View -- Israel backs down from full-scale attack on Gaza after family escapes rocket: Israel adopts a go-slow strategy with new 'rules of the game'... (20-Oct-2018)
19-Oct-18 World View -- Brexit appears headed for worst of all possible worlds for UK: The most likely deal: 'Extend and Pretend'... (19-Oct-2018)
18-Oct-18 World View -- Ukraine counters Russia's military buildup in the Sea of Azov: Violent school massacre in occupied Crimea kills 19 people... (18-Oct-2018)
17-Oct-18 World View -- Amazon's Jeff Bezos says America must be defended, while Google repudiates its 'Do No Evil' policy: Google repudiates its 'Don't Be Evil' conduct clause, and sides with China... (17-Oct-2018)
16-Oct-18 World View -- WHO considers declaring Ebola outbreak as an international emergency: American CDC Ebola experts have been blocked from the outbreak zone in DR Congo... (16-Oct-2018)
15-Oct-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia tries to recover from Khashoggi disappearance disaster: Negotiations follow the pattern of N. Korea's 2010 torpedoing of S. Korean warship... (15-Oct-2018)
14-Oct-18 World View -- China defends million-prisoner 'reeducation camps' and Sinicization of Islam in Xinjiang: Brief history of China's religions... (14-Oct-2018)
13-Oct-18 World View -- N. Korea's Kim Jong-un met Pompeo in a new Rolls-Royce Phantom, violating sanctions: Growth of Ebola cases suddenly surges in DR Congo, threatening Uganda, Rwanda... (13-Oct-2018)
12-Oct-18 World View -- Constantinople grants Ukrainian Orthodox Church independence, causing historic split with Russia: Russia says that Constantinople's decision is 'catastrophic'... (12-Oct-2018)
11-Oct-18 World View -- Bangladesh continues plans to relocate 100,000 Rohingya refugees to Bhasan Char island: The island of Bhasan Char - 'floating island' - rose from the sea 20 years ago... (11-Oct-2018)
10-Oct-18 World View -- China aids Venezuela as inflation rate exceeds one million percent: Venezuela migration crisis continues to grow... (10-Oct-2018)
9-Oct-18 World View -- UN: We have just 12 years to prevent global warming catastrophe: Fallacies in the climate change story... (9-Oct-2018)
8-Oct-18 World View -- Suspicious disappearance of Saudi journalist in Turkey threatens to upset Mideast relations: Khashoggi incident threatens Saudi relationship with the West... (8-Oct-2018)
7-Oct-18 World View -- Zimbabweans on panic buying spree as 'bond notes' crash: Bond note currently on the path to inflation or hyperinflation... (7-Oct-2018)
6-Oct-18 World View -- China's spy chip attacks shock the computer industry: Google is repeating the mistakes that IBM made in helping the Nazis... (6-Oct-2018)
5-Oct-18 World View -- As October 25 deadline approaches, Syria's Idlib is set up for a classic Greek tragedy: The inevitable clash of the protagonists... (5-Oct-2018)
4-Oct-18 World View -- Iran diplomats and sleeper cells arrested in France and across Europe: Iran blamed on the foiled June 30 attack on anti-Iran MEK group... (4-Oct-2018)
3-Oct-18 World View -- Namibia may follow South Africa with land confiscation without compensation: Brief generational history of Namibia... (3-Oct-2018)
2-Oct-18 World View -- Cameroon's Paul Biya continues ethnic cleansing of Anglophones in Southern Cameroons: Cameroon Anglophone separatists act to block 86 yo Paul Biya's reelection... (2-Oct-2018)
1-Oct-18 World View -- UK to challenge Russia in Arctic, at time of tensions over Skripal poisoning: Russia says that UK violates its commitment to the Arctic Council... (1-Oct-2018)
30-Sep-18 World View -- University of N. Florida and Pentagon cut ties with China's Confucius Institutes: The Sayings and Aphorisms of Confucius... (30-Sep-2018)
29-Sep-18 World View -- China, Russia demand that that some North Korea sanctions be lifted: North Korea denuclearization negotiations appear headed for another crisis... (29-Sep-2018)
28-Sep-18 World View -- Number of Kashmir militants surges as India's 'Operation All-Out' fails: Clashes in Kashmir after Indian police brutally kill innocent shepherd... (28-Sep-2018)
27-Sep-18 World View -- Bill and Melinda Gates take Pollyannaish view of Rwanda and rest of world: Today's major news from Europe: Meghan Markle closes a car door... (27-Sep-2018)
26-Sep-18 World View -- World Health Organization fears 'perfect storm' could spread Ebola rapidly in DR Congo: Violence escalates in North Kivu, DRC, along with Ebola... (26-Sep-2018)
25-Sep-18 World View -- Russia will supply S-300 systems to Syria, and jam Israeli communications: Russia blames Israel when Syria shoots down Russian plan... (25-Sep-2018)
24-Sep-18 World View -- Maldives in crisis as China-backed incumbent president Yameen loses election: Yameen's defeat is also a defeat for China's 'debt trap diplomacy'... (24-Sep-2018)
23-Sep-18 World View -- Gunmen massacre IRGC soldiers and their families during military parade in Ahvaz, Iran: Attack blamed on a local Arab terrorist group, al-Ahvazi separatist movement... (23-Sep-2018)
22-Sep-18 World View -- China threatens multiple Western nations militarily over South China Sea: China's claims to the South China Sea are amazingly vacuous... (22-Sep-2018)
21-Sep-18 World View -- Myanmar signs 'debt trap' agreement with China in response to Rohingya genocide censure: Myanmar (Burma) and China agree to build China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC)... (21-Sep-2018)
20-Sep-18 World View -- Is Christine Blasey Ford accusing the wrong person?: The international #MeToo movement continues to harm women... (20-Sep-2018)
Book Announcement: World View: Iran's Struggle for Supremacy: Tehran's Obsession to Redraw the Map of the Middle East... (19-Sep-2018)
18-Sep-18 World View -- Turkey scores diplomatic victory, as Russia backs down from Idlib assault in Syria: The delusional terms of the Turkey-Russian Idlib agreement... (18-Sep-2018)
17-Sep-18 World View -- Kurdish protesters attack Iran's embassy in Paris: Kurds' anti-Iran Komala party denies involvement with Paris attack... (17-Sep-2018)
16-Sep-18 World View -- Russian Orthodox Church in historic split with Constantinople over Ukraine issue: Consequences of an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church... (16-Sep-2018)
15-Sep-18 World View -- Zambia denies defaulting on infrastructure loans from China: Zambia faces long term corruption concerns... (15-Sep-2018)
14-Sep-18 World View -- Saudis in Yemen cut the supply routes from Hodeidah seaport to Sanaa: Turkey, desperate to stop Syrian Idlib offensive, is supplying weapons to rebels... (14-Sep-2018)
13-Sep-18 World View -- EU Parliament censures Hungary for breaching 'core EU values': EU proposes a new free trade agreement with Africa... (13-Sep-2018)
12-Sep-18 World View -- Russia's 'strategic alliance' with China evokes memories of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Russia's Vostok-2018 war games send a message to China... (12-Sep-2018)
11-Sep-18 World View -- Tensions grow in Philippines as Duterte turns against China in South China Sea: Zambia becomes the next nation to fall victim to China's 'debt trap'... (11-Sep-2018)
10-Sep-18 World View -- In major escalation, Iran's missiles strike Kurdish targets in northern Iraq: Iran's missile attack displays the rising power of the IRGC in Iran... (10-Sep-2018)
9-Sep-18 World View -- Riots in Iraq's Basra evoke fault lines of 1980s Iran-Iraq war: Dozens killed in five days of riots in southern Iraq's Basra... (9-Sep-2018)
8-Sep-18 World View -- Turkey fails to prevent Russia and Iran from mass slaughter in Idlib, Syria: The Greek Tragedy in Syria... (8-Sep-2018)
7-Sep-18 World View -- Britain 'provokes' China by sending warship into South China Sea: China's 'nine-dash line map' makes absurd claims to South China Sea... (7-Sep-2018)
6-Sep-18 World View -- Latin American countries open their borders to migrants from Socialist Venezuela: Venezuela's Socialist president Maduro refuses humanitarian aid... (6-Sep-2018)
5-Sep-18 World View -- Syria and Russia prepare to inflict massive bloodbath on Idlib: Syria and Russian forces prepare to 'clean out' the 'terrorists' in Idlib... (5-Sep-2018)
4-Sep-18 World View -- China courts African nations as charges of 'neo-colonialism' grow: Why China's mothers are refusing to have a second child... (4-Sep-2018)
3-Sep-18 World View -- Libya declares state of emergency, closes Tripoli airport: The deterioration of Libya since the 2011 'Arab Spring'... (3-Sep-2018)
2-Sep-18 World View -- Worldwide alarm as the US ends aid to UNRWA Palestinian refugee agency: US military cancels $300 million in aid to Pakistan... (2-Sep-2018)
1-Sep-18 World View -- Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, is assassinated: Alexander Zakharchenko was increasingly annoying to his masters in Moscow... (1-Sep-2018)
31-Aug-18 World View -- US court seizes Venezuela's Citgo, as Argentina's peso crashes: Argentina's peso collapses after central bank raises interest rate to 60%... (31-Aug-2018)
30-Aug-18 World View -- Diplomats fear that proposed Serbia-Kosovo peace deal will lead to Balkans war: Former Balkan diplomats say that land swap proposal ignores 1,000 years of bloodshed... (30-Aug-2018)
29-Aug-18 World View -- China ends two-child policy, but considers a 'wacky' three-child policy: China evaluates the failure of the two-child policy... (29-Aug-2018)
28-Aug-18 World View -- Saudis target women and children in Yemen to make them 'shiver' for generations: US Military under pressure to end support of Saudis in Yemen... (28-Aug-2018)
27-Aug-18 World View -- Genocide of Rohingyas in Burma (Myanmar) appears to be almost complete: Syria, Cameroon, Sudan Darfur genocides follow the same pattern... (27-Aug-2018)
26-Aug-18 World View -- China, North and South Korea confounded by cancellation of Kim Jong-un meeting: Trump pursues risky strategy, trying to avoid a greater risk... (26-Aug-2018)
25-Aug-18 World View -- In dreaded scenario, Ebola spreads to densely populated war zone in Congo: The dreaded tribal war zone scenario... (25-Aug-2018)
24-Aug-18 World View -- South Africa politics roiled by Trump tweet on killing white farmers: Cyril Ramaphosa defends land expropriation policy... (24-Aug-2018)
23-Aug-18 World View -- Russia demands that US and EU pay to rebuild Syria: Bolton says that Iran must withdraw from Syria... (23-Aug-2018)
22-Aug-18 World View -- Taiwan says that China is 'out of control' after El Salvador switches allegiance: El Salvador receives harsh criticism for switching allegiance from Taiwan to China... (22-Aug-2018)
21-Aug-18 World View -- ISIS claims credit for coordinated attacks across Russia's Chechnya region: Brief generational history of Chechnya... (21-Aug-2018)
20-Aug-18 World View -- Afghanistan's president Ghani announces ceasefire with Taliban: Taliban says no peace in Afghanistan until foreign 'occupation' withdraws... (20-Aug-2018)
19-Aug-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela introduces new fantasy currency and new Socialist changes: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that capitalism has not always existed... (19-Aug-2018)
18-Aug-18 World View -- New Pentagon military assessment details China's preparations for war: The growing military threat from China... (18-Aug-2018)
17-Aug-18 World View -- US imposes new North Korea sanctions on Chinese and Russian shipping companies: Profound connection between the sanctions on Turkey and North Korea... (17-Aug-2018)
16-Aug-18 World View -- China-Cambodia grow closer militarily, as Hun Sen steals parliamentary election: China's military aid and infrastructure investments bring debt trap to Cambodia... (16-Aug-2018)
15-Aug-18 World View -- Chinese workers in Pakistan injured in terrorist bombing: War of words grows over IMF funding for Pakistan's debt... (15-Aug-2018)
14-Aug-18 World View -- Taliban attack on Ghazni brings America's Afghanistan strategy into question: Afghan army, backed by US, struggles to regain Ghazni after four days... (14-Aug-2018)
13-Aug-18 World View -- A 'historic' Caspian Sea agreement leaves major issues unresolved: Major issues about commercial exploitation remain unresolved... (13-Aug-2018)
12-Aug-18 World View -- Colombia's president Ivan Duque takes office amidst accusations from Venezuela: Brief generational history of Colombia... (12-Aug-2018)
11-Aug-18 World View -- Turkey's lira currency crumbles as Trump turns the screws after Erdogan double-cross: How Erdogan apparently double-crossed Trump... (11-Aug-2018)
10-Aug-18 World View -- Discontent with China's president Xi Jinping continues during 'trade war': China uses increasing violence to suppress criticism... (10-Aug-2018)
9-Aug-18 World View -- Italy threatens EU with immigration fight to get budget concessions: Spain becomes the major destination for migrants from Africa... (9-Aug-2018)
8-Aug-18 World View -- Iran's protesters blame bad economy on Supreme Leader, not on US sanctions: The international demand for regime change in Iran... (8-Aug-2018)
7-Aug-18 World View -- Pakistan faces imminent financial crisis threatening China's CPEC: Pakistan elects anti-American far right religious Imran Khan to be prime minister... (7-Aug-2018)
6-Aug-18 World View -- John Bolton and Marco Rubio describe North Korea strategy, as sanctions are violated: UN report: North Korea nuclear and missile development continues... (6-Aug-2018)
5-Aug-18 World View -- China mocks America's 'Indo-Pacific' strategy at ASEAN meeting: Concerns grow over China's debt strategy for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)... (5-Aug-2018)
4-Aug-18 World View -- South Africa announces plans for unpaid confiscation of white-owned farms: Zimbabwe's post-election violence raises concerns about economy... (4-Aug-2018)
3-Aug-18 World View -- DR Congo has new outbreak of Ebola just as the previous outbreak ends: Reasons for quick containment of last Ebola outbreak... (3-Aug-2018)
2-Aug-18 World View -- Report: EU and UK ready to accept 'fudge' to get through Brexit: Opposition grows to the 'fudge' proposal... (2-Aug-2018)
1-Aug-18 World View -- Iran's anti-government protests expand as rial currency plummets: The Grand Bazaar and the prospects for regime change... (1-Aug-2018)

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State of the World
Conflict risk level for next 6-12 months as of:
W. Europe 2 Mideast 3
Russia Caucasus 2 Kashmir 3
China 3 North Korea 3
Financial 3 Swine/Bird flu/Ebola 1
Key: 1=green 1=Low risk 2=yellow 2=Med 3=red 3=High 4=black 4=Active
Previous Conflict Risk Tables
In-Depth Analysis and Reference
These are occasional in-depth analyses that supplement the daily Weblog articles, and provide greater depth of information on a variety of topics related to generational theory.

Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity by 2030 : How AI is rapidly changing our lives ( 28-Dec-2015 )
Obamacare's -- The greatest software development disaster in history : Corruption, fraud and criminality in and Obamacare (23-Aug-2015)
Dysfunction, subversion, sabotage and fraud in software development projects : Information for academic researchers and software development managers. (23-Aug-2015)
New Pentagon report outlines China's military buildup : China is preparing for war over Taiwan. ( 28-Aug-2011 )
Financial Crisis Inquiry hearings provide 'smoking gun' evidence of widespread criminal fraud : What bankers claimed to have done is mathematically impossible. ( 14-Apr-2010 )
Report from TARP Inspector: We're driving off a cliff in a faster car : We're headed for an even larger financial crisis. ( 1-Feb-2010 )
"Shadow inventory" of unsold homes continues to grow : Housing prices still have very far to fall. (21-Dec-2009)
Generational Dynamics forecasting methodology : The methodology and tools used in generational theory to produce forecasts and predictions (3-May-2009)
"Maybe we'll get it right this time" by Tom Mazanec : In this science fiction story, a time traveler tries to prevent the world war predicted by Generational Dynamics. (9-Mar-2009)
The economic outlook for 2009 : How we got to where we are today, who's to blame, and where we're going in 2009. (5-Jan-2009)
The gathering storm in the Caucasus : The world is looking more and more like the prelude to World War I. (17-Aug-2008)
How Boomers and Generation-Xers brought about the dumbing down of Information Technology (IT) : Software development has adopted a Java cookbook approach that leads to project failures. Also: How Digimarc Corp. self-destructed with management's cookbook programming mentality. (1-Jul-2008)
Basics of Generational Dynamics : Generational eras, archetypes, and other elements of generational theory (22-Jun-2008)
Chinese embarrassment and anger grows over Tibet and Olympics : Some notes on the growing mutual xenophobia and paranoia between China and the West. (12-Apr-2008)
List of major Generational Dynamics predictions : These are the major predictions posted on this web site since 2003, using the generational forecasting methodology. (27-Mar-2008)
Cities and towns need to start helping themselves. : Wracked by foreclosures and by the collapsing muncipal bond market, cities and towns should start planning immediately. (2-Mar-2008)
A primer on financial engineering and structured finance : How financial engineers made a fortune creating worthless mortgage-based securities. (23-Jan-2008)
The Bubble that Broke the World : How a book written in 1931-32 tells us what's going to happen in 2008-2009. (9-Oct-2007)
How to compute the "real value" of the stock market. : And some additional speculations about stock market crashes. (20-Aug-2007)
Iraqi Sunnis are turning against al-Qaeda in Iraq : This is exactly the kind of thing that generational theory predicts. (1-Apr-2007)
System Dynamics and the Failure of Macroeconomics Theory : Mainstream macroeconomic theory, invented by Maynard Keynes in the 1930s, has failed to predict or explain anything that's happened since the bubble started, including the bubble itself. We need a new "Dynamic Macroeconomics" theory. (25-Oct-2006)
President George Bush talks about a "Third Awakening," but he has his history wrong : It was America's 1960s Awakening that united Protestants, Catholics and Jews, and cemented our support for Israel. (19-Sep-2006)
Washington becomes hysterical again over an Iraqi 'civil war' : A civil war in Iraq is impossible, as I've said many times, because only one generation has passed since the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s. Here's some additional historical information. (7-Aug-2006)
Israel's war against Hizbollah and Lebanon forces Muslims to choose sides : The war is part of a larger Shi'ite-Sunni struggle, and a stopgap ceasefire will create a worsening environment leading to a much more chaotic situation within a few months (25-Jul-2006)
A beautiful mind? The world is paralyzed into a "Nash equilibrium" : Today, 61 years after the end of World War II, the countries of the world are struggling to maintain a status quo that can't last too much longer. (17-Jul-2006)
Why aren't college students protesting against the Iraq war? : Young students are criticized for being indifferent to politics, while "Grannies Against the War" is truly bizarre. (1-Jun-2006)
Speculations about a stock market panic and crash : Will there be a stock market panic next week, next month, or next year, and will it lead to a crash? We speculate on some possibilities. (31-May-2006)
Ariel Sharon's political "earthquake" in Israel signals change in direction for entire Mideast : His aggressive program that began with the barrier and the Gaza pullout is now likely to founder. (29-Nov-2005)
Ben S. Bernanke: The man without agony : Bernanke and Greenspan are as different as night and day, despite what the pundits say. (29-Oct-2005)
Japanese and Chinese relations are deteriorating sharply : Between China's search for oil and Koizumi's shrine visit, the level of anger and suspicion is rising fast. (23-Oct-2005)
Robert Pape's "Dying to Win" sheds light on suicide bombers. : Robert Pape's database of every suicide bombing and attack around the world from 1980-2003 -- 315 attacks in all -- provides valuable insight into the causes of suicide terrorism, and confirms the Generational Dynamics' conclusions about crisis wars. (18-Jul-2005)
The 11% Solution: An article in Barron's says the stock market is very overvalued : New research by analyst Adam Barth finds that average earnings over any 20-year period are surprisingly constant. (11-Jul-2005)
The Great Depression and Dow Jones Industrial Average : Scrolling through the DJIA through the Great Depression and later gives a feeling as to what was happening, and how it compares to what's happening today. Updated 7-19-2021 (7-19-2021)
French rejection of EU Constitution signals decline of entire European Union project : Exit polls from Sunday's French EU Constitution vote show a clear generational split that analysts aren't noticing. (1-Jun-2005)
Increasing Muslim violence in Uzbekistan raises fears of destabilizing Asia : After pro-Russian leaders have been replaced by Western-leaning ones in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the Kremlin is watching the violence in Uzbekistan nervously, and Washington is watching the Kremlin. (14-May-2005)
Press Release: Mathematician solves problem puzzling historians for centuries : Does history repeat itself? Historians have tried and failed to find provable patterns in history, but a mathematician has now solved the problem that's stumped the historians for centuries. (22-Apr-2005)
Fed and Alan Greenspan signal aggressive plans to increase interest rates : This means trouble for people in debt and for the stock market, but it also hints that the Fed plans to keep the dollar strong through crisis periods (24-Mar-2005)
North Korea continues mobilization for nuclear war : Blaming "hostile" U.S. policies, North Korea pulls out of nuclear non-proliferation talks, claiming that it already has nuclear weapons. This is a classic sequence of events that precedes a pre-emptive war. (10-Feb-2005)
Alan Greenspan warns that global economic dangers are without historical precedent : In a speech on Friday, Greenspan buried a major change of position in a speech admitting that his assumptions about the economy for the last decade were wrong. (6-Feb-2005)
China appears to be approaching a major civil war : Unrest is spreading, and economic disparities make China a textbook case for a massive civil war in the making (16-Jan-2005)
A generational interpretation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" : Written in 1843, this classic novel depicts a clear generational struggle (5-Dec-2004)
Ukraine headed for a confrontation with Putin : Ukraine is headed for trouble as it moves to reverse the 20-Nov Presidential election. (28-Nov-2004)
The six most dangerous regions in the world today.: There are six regions that could lead the world into a new world war. NOTE: This article also contains a lengthy summary of the Generational Dynamics theory and Forecasting Methodology. (20-Nov-2004)
Election results show a major cultural and political restructuring in the making.: In the long run, George Bush's victory is less important than the reasons why people voted for him. (3-Nov-2004)
Unrealistic expectations worldwide about the American election are setting the stage for hostile reactions next year: Will "something big" happen to America in 2005? (24-Oct-2004)
Ten-nation survey says that non-Americans worldwide overwhelmingly favor Kerry over Bush: However, Russia and Israel support Bush; so do Iran's mullahs (23-Oct-2004)
Can we withdraw from Iraq in 2005?: Suddenly the Washington buzz is that whoever wins - Bush or Kerry - will begin to withdraw American troops from Iraq. We look at two historical examples to predict scenarios. (16-Oct-2004)
Yield curves are flattening as Federal Reserve raises short term interest rates significantly: Long-term interest rates are falling while short-term interest rates are rising, a sign of possible trouble ahead. (21-Sep-2004)
On September 11, terrorism around the world is increasing significantly: Infuriated and anxious people around the world are demanding military actions to halt or even avenge terrorism (11-Sep-2004)
Does history favor George Bush or John Kerry?: Long-term historical trends favor Bush, but Kerry may win anyway because Bush is in danger of being 'Hooverized' (24-Aug-2004)
Southeast Asian nations are forced to pick sides in the conflict between China and Taiwan: Singapore will support China and Australia will support Taiwan in a conflict between China and Taiwan. (23-Aug-2004)
Today's slow-motion genocide in Darfur recalls the lightning quick genocide in Rwanda in 1994: Why do these things always seem to happen in Africa? Understanding Africa's geography explains why. (22-Aug-2004)
Oil prices spiking on supply fears: There is increasing concern that Saudi Arabia's oil production is peaking, and that prices will rise significantly farther. (3-Aug-2004)
Arab views worldwide are becoming increasingly hostile to America: Arab view of America is down to about 10% favorable, 90% unfavorable. (26-Jul-2004)
Kerry establishes an electoral lead going into the Democratic convention.: He's tuned his message to what I suggested last year. Do you suppose he read my web site? (25-Jul-2004)
Generational crisis for Arafat as thousands take to streets in revolt in Gaza: Arafat's offices burned down, as he seeks a way to prevent civil war among Palestinian factions (19-Jul-2004)
"I, Robot" is science fiction, but intelligent computers will soon be science fact.: When will it dawn on the politicians and the general public that this changes everything? (9-Jul-2004)
Alan Greenspan's Mixed Emotions: More and more top analysts are getting concerned about extremely high debt levels and stock valuations. (6-Jul-2004)
Operation Summer Pulse 04: Taiwan is moving inexorably towards independence, and America is supporting it, while China is freaking out over it. Will this lead to an inevitable war over Taiwan? (6-Jul-2004)
Green Revolution vs Malthus Effect: Despite the "Green Revolution," world population continues to grow faster than food production. This is one of the fundamental reasons why wars occur. (28-Jun-2004)
Beheadings part of increasing conflict level throughout Mideast: The level of conflict is increasing throughout the Mideast, from Gaza to Pakistan, from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan. (23-Jun-2004)
Stock market increasingly volatile: Sharp plunges in international stock markets portend periods of increasingly high volatility. (17-May-04)
Iraq Today vs 1960s America (Revised): They have much in common: Bombings, assassinations, student demonstrations, violent riots, calls for insurrection and civil war and harsh rhetoric. That's much more than a coincidence. (8-May-2004)
Taiwan's Wild Election Battle: Taiwan's election battle is even wilder and more raucous than the Bush-Gore election battle in 2000. Its uncertain outcome is causing massive protests. (11-Apr-04)
What Iraqi Civil War?: Early in 2003, I predicted that there would be no popular uprising against the Americans, and that there would be no civil war. After the overthrow of Saddam, I said that an Iraqi civil war was impossible. Despite the constant near-hysteria of the politicians, journalists and high-priced analysts, I've been right so far. Here's why. (09-Apr-04)
Palestinian Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, spiritual leader of the Hamas militia group, killed in Israeli air strike: Generational Dynamics says that this brings Mideast much closer to all-out war (21-Mar-04)
Madrid terrorist bombings are having unexpected significance: The 3/11 bombings may have the same effect on Europeans that the 9/11 attacks had on Americans. (15-Mar-04)
Haiti: Heading for possible rebellion and anarchy: A historical analysis of a potential crisis. (4-Mar-04)
Anti-Shi'ite Terror Attacks in Iraq, Pakistan: So far, Sunni and Shi'ite leaders in Iraq aren't taking the bait. (2-Mar-04)
The New Sexual Revolution: The pendulum is swinging back. (27-Feb-04)
Alan Greenspan's Mea Culpa: Alan Greenspan has put his legacy into serious danger (08-Jan-04)
Georgia (Asia) on the brink of civil war: Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze says that the country is on the verge of civil war. This could be the next war in the "clash of civilizations" between Islam and Christianity. (15-Nov-03)
"Ping-Pong Terrorism" in Mideast leading inevitably to major regional war: Even non-violent acts are seen as terrorism by the other side, and the intensity of the mutual attacks is constantly increasing. (10-Oct-03)
Schwarzenegger's victory could spell trouble for Bush: It also signals the end of the societal culture / gender wars. (8-Oct-03)
What if Al Gore were President?: Both Republicans and Democrats are making important strategic errors in the battle for the White House in 2004. Here's what they SHOULD be saying. (26-Sep-03)
Is China unraveling?: Should you invest in the world's fastest growing economy? Analysts say yes, but there are ominous generational signs of financial and social instability in China. (10-Sep-03)
Hamas Announces End of Cease-Fire: Can Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat once more fend off a large regional war? (21-Aug-03)
Terrorist suicide bombings in Iraq may backfire against terrorists: During an awakening period, terrorist acts cause masses of people to shrink from more violence. (19-Aug-03)
Riots in Iran: Will there be a violent overthrow of the Iranian Mullahs? Generational Dynamics says 'No.' (25-Jun-03)
Dow Passes 9000 / Mideast Peace Plan Takes Off: This is a big test for Generational Dynamics, which predicts that the good news won't last. (04-Jun-03)
"Mideast Roadmap" - Will it bring peace?: Generational Dynamics predicts something quite different for the Mideast. (01-May-03)
France and Germany: Why are they becoming anti-American? (15-Feb-03)
The Anti-War Movement: Will it gain traction? (15-Feb-03)
North and South Korea: Will the North Koreans start a nuclear war? (22-Jan-03)
Turkey: Turkey has been rebuffing America. What are they up to? (24-Mar-03)
Japan: Is Japan's economy finally near collapse? (26-Mar-03)
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